AcuTemp Dry Ice Frozen Shipping: Less Dry Ice, Lower Weight, Lower Costs

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, April 15, 2012

AcuTemp Thermal Systems is one of the leading suppliers of cold chain packaging for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, public health, and defense industries. AcuTemp has exhibited an ongoing dedication to providing innovative, life-saving solutions as a leader in the cold chain industry. With the announcement of another addition to its line of Frozen Packaging Solutions, AcuTemp has once again enhanced its offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of those shipping temperature sensitive materials. AcuTemps’ ThermoCor Vacuum Insulation (VIP) has been integrated into a revolutionary, cost-saving, cold chain packaging system designed to replace current dry ice solutions.

Advantage of the AcuTemp ThermoCor VIP

The AcuTemp ThermoCor VIP is a state-of-the-art thermal management system designed to help companies, organizations, and institutions improve their cold change effectiveness and efficiency. Because of the ThermoCor VIP’s increased R-Value, it has a significant advantage over polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PUR) solutions, and its rugged and long lasting construction ensures the security and protection of temperature-sensitive shipments.

R-Value Advantage

While EPS and PUR containers have long been considered the workhorse of the cold chain industry, these passive cold chain packaging solutions are shown to have a major disadvantage when compared to AcuTemp’s new offering. When it comes to R-Value, the ThermoCor VIP is a dramatic improvement over its predecessors. The EPS and PUR R-values measure at a mere 3-6 per inch of thickness, respectively, which cannot compare to the ThermoCor VIPs’ impressive R-value measurement of 45 per inch of thickness. This tremendous difference in R-Value results in a significant reduction in the amount of dry ice needed for a given payload, given duration providing a more streamlined packaging, and improved operational efficiency, all of which are a significant source of cost savings and reduced risk to cold chain shipments.

Integrity and Stability Advantage

AcuTemp’s ThermoCor VIP solution addresses the damaging effects on product integrity and stability caused when using traditional EPS and PUR products, like when temperature-sensitive materials are over exposed to extensive quantities of dry ice. Integrity and stability are also apparent in AcuTemp’s focus on quality. The company has been producing panels for more than ten years and the company’s stringent life test protocols are designed to ensure the longest product life, making its’ 27 different payload sizes ranging with durations from 24 to 192 hours one of the best choices for frozen packaging solutions.

ThermoCor VIP and the Bottom Line

By reducing the amount of dry ice required for temperature sensitive materials, shippers can decrease the overall weight of their shipment, meaning a direct savings on freight costs. In fact, ThermoCor VIP users can have a significant impact on their operational expenditures, reducing their dry ice purchases to up to 88% over EPS and PUR passive solutions.

As an example of the cost savings that can be found when using the AcuTemp frozen packaging solution, consider the following scenario of a temperature sensitive payload with a volume of 8 liters that requires a -20 controlled temperature duration of 72 hours:

  • As to weight, standard EPS and PUR containers would require 63 lbs. of dry ice and 23.5 lbs. of dry ice, respectively, while the AcuTemp solution requires only 7.5 lbs. of dry ice.
  • As to shipping costs, a comparison of transporting temperature sensitive products from New York to Los Angeles using AcuTemp’s ThermoCor VIP as opposed to traditional EPS and PUR shippers saves $239 and $53, respectively; the AcuTemp total shipper cost of $86 is a great deal less than the EPS shipper at $325 and the PUR shipper at $139.

These examples show the tremendous cost savings that can be achieved using AcuTemp shippers because of their lower requirements for dry ice. Less dry ice means lower overall weight and lower overall shipping costs.

About AcuTemp Thermal Systems

AcuTemp’s revolutionary product offerings make previously unachievable commercial and industrial applications possible. Its users benefit from reductions in power consumption, the additional available transporting space of a decreased footprint, a greater increase in achievable hold times, and an overall reduction in operating costs through higher thermal efficiency.

The bottom line: AcuTemp’s products offer a rugged, efficient, lower cost, lower risk solution for the quality oriented cold chain strategy.

As a leading supplier of thermal management solutions, AcuTemp serves the needs of industry and government customers to meet their cold chain needs. AcuTemp is a trusted partner of The United States Department of Defense, having been engaged numerous times to develop products that help meet the critical challenges of battlefield medical care. AcuTemp also boasts life science customers both small and large on every continent. Through the years, AcuTemp’s continuous dedication to offering live-saving, innovative solutions has further solidified its position as a leader in the cold chain industry. When shipping temperature sensitive materials, trust the experts, trust AcuTemp.


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