CSafe Celebrates Two Years of FAA Manufacturing Facility Approval

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, March 4, 2012

CSafe®, LLC, http://www.csafellc.com, is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider ofactive temperature controlled air freight container systems also known as Active ULD’s(Unit Load Devices).  In the month of March 2012, CSafe® employees, partners and valued customers will celebrate the two year anniversary of their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval and certification of its current manufacturing facility in Dayton, Ohio, USA. CSafe® is very proud of this accomplishment, as they hold the honor of being the first and only manufacturer to hold FAA approval for an active air freight container since 2007.

The FAA approval is for the production of the company’s flagship product, the AcuTemp® RKN electrical heating and cooling air cargo container.   The AcuTemp® RKN is a thermal active pallet-sized shipper ULD that is designed to terminate the risk of product loss in the temperature controlled logistics process also called the cold chain.  The AcuTemp® RKN is widely used as the solution of choice for the temperature-sensitive air freight market and was the first active controlled air container with FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, Hong Kong CAD, Irish Aviation Authority IAA and Israel CAA approvals.

The AcuTemp® RKN is certificated as an active ULD under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations 14 CFR § 21.8(d), formerly §21.305(d). The AcuTemp® RKN container is also approved to meet the standards of the FAA Technical Standard Order TSO-C90, for Cargo Pallets, Cargo Nets, and Containers. The FAA Certification of the AcuTemp® RKN is especially important to US based airlines as it is cleared for the operational usage of the active temperature control system while on board U.S. “N’ registered aircraft.  CSafe® has adhered to the strict policy of manufacturing the AcuTemp® RKN within the confines of their FAA-approved facility.

Obtaining the FAA Certification was no easy task for CSafe® as there were many legal and regulatory requirements as they pertained to the Federal Aviation Administration’s National Policy.  In reviewing the AcuTemp® RKN for certification, there were multiple system requirements and safety guidelines that needed to be reviewed and verified to demonstrate compliance.  This required CSafe® to conduct testing, perform analyses and prepare validation documentations in order to enable a system safety assessment to be conducted in accordance with SAE standard ARP 4761 Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment.  Those results were furnished to the FAA in the form of a Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the AcuTemp® RKN.

In preparation to meet all the regulatory requirements of the certification, CSafe® also committed to conducting further safety testing and analysis as it relates to environmental operating conditions associated with airborne systems.  This testing has involved compliance with RTCA / DO-160 Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment.  Adherence to this standard covers testing for electromagnetic interference (EMI), shock, vibration, magnetic field altitude, rapid decompression in addition to a few other items.

CSafe®, LLC. has coordinated with the FAA’s Transport Airplane Directorate staff on its specific methods of compliance (MOC) for specialist requirements pertaining to the integral batteries, this included testing to verify safe operational use relative to rapid decompression, high temperature exposure and dead short runaway.
Significant substantiation via physical testing on multiple airplanes had to be performed, to demonstrate no negative impact of using the AcuTemp® RKN on the airplanes fire detection and suppression systems.  Further evaluations including the impact of airflow produced by the AcuTemp® RKN and the effect of smoke detection have been conducted to address certification.  Safety procedures and protocols have been adhered to and implemented to address the specific concerns of Hazmat related requirements concerning batteries, magnetic field and refrigerant.

All of these tasks were performed to assert the specific aspects of testing, procedures and safety of the AcuTemp® RKN.  The benefit of using CSafe® and its AcuTemp® RKN self-contained temperature control system is to assure the safe delivery of precious, in many cases life saving, cargo.  When you choose the AcuTemp® RKN for your active temperature controlled shipment, you will keep your cargo at “The Right Temperature®”.

About CSafe®, LLC

CSafe®, LLC provides technology solutions for the temperature-sensitive air freight market. Its flagship product, the AcuTemp® RKN, is the first and only active unit of its kind with bothFAA and EASA approvals. CSafe® has a worldwide network of logistics partners to address the stringent requirements of the temperature sensitive air cargo market. Headquartered near Dayton, Ohio, United States, CSafe®, LLC is a joint venture between AmSafe, Inc. and AcuTemp® Thermal Systems, with service centers and partners worldwide. For more information, visit www.csafellc.com.


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