CSafe Partners with Lufthansa in Dedicating a Fleet of RKN Containers to Cool/td-Active Service Offering

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November 2015

Lufthansa and CSafe Global are pleased to announce the conclusion of negotiations which will result in a dedicated fleet of CSafe RKN containers being made available to the carrier for lease via their Cool/td-Active service offering. Cool/td-Active is a special service from Lufthansa Cargo that supports the maintenance of an unbroken cool chain for temperature-sensitive goods throughout all the steps of air transportation, from their place of origin up to delivery at their destination.

Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, member of the Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board, responsible for Product & Sales, said: “I am really glad that both our companies grasped this opportunity to develop a partnership that will bring advantages to both sides. To me it represents a typical win-win situation: For us it not only means an additional container to our portfolio, but also to expand and solidify our position in the cool-chain market segment. For CSafe, it means access to the extensive Lufthansa network with additional opportunities in the relevant European and Asian markets. I am looking forward to growing this business with our new partner.”

Christopher Dehio, Lufthansa Cargo Head of Product & Solutions Management Temperature Sensitive Logistics, explains: “With the addition of the CSafe container to our portfolio of active cool containers, we are responding to the increased demand for that container type out of the Americas. It also puts us at the very top of the list of carriers with the widest portfolio of containers that no other carrier can match. Lufthansa Cargo customers can now lease containers from all major suppliers of that equipment. The CSafe container fits well in our program and the ever increasing demand for reliability in the pharmaceutical cool chain logistic business.”

“Lufthansa has always been a category leader when it comes to development of airline specialty cargo products.” said Mark Mohr, CSafe’s Director of Customer Support and Partner Management. “The addition of a dedicated fleet of the industry performance leading CSafe RKNs to the Lufthansa Cool/td Active program further demonstrates Lufthansa’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the marketplace.”

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Left to Right – Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Lufthansa Cargo, and Mark Mohr, CSafe Global