Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Streamlines Efficiency of Packaging Program

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, February 16, 2015

CSafe recently worked with a global pharmaceutical manufacturer that needed to streamline their passive packaging offering while not forfeiting product quality or efficacy. Their new program was focused on reducing the number of packaging SKU’s required, standardizing and simplifying pack outs, adhering to stringent ambient profiles, decreasing shipping costs, and if possible, decreasing their carbon footprint.

CSafe met the challenge by designing a set of three packaging solutions that met the profile requirements while reducing overall dimensional weight all with standardized pack outs.  In addition, CSafe’s REPAQ® thermally re-qualified shipping program was implemented to provide additional supply chain cost savings.

Reusing packaging is nothing new, but the CSafe REPAQ program ensures quality. Upon return to us, we inspect the insulated shipping boxes, clean them and then thermally re-qualify them to establish their thermal integrity prior to reuse. No other program thermally re-qualifies packaging prior to reuse to circumvent the unavoidable degradation of insulation over time and damaged incurred in the transportation process. REPAQ allows the safe reuse of our AcuTemp brand packaging while reducing our customer’s carbon footprint

The customer noted, “It wasn’t as simple as one phone call and insulated boxes were magically delivered. This was a complex challenge that needed an experienced team. CSafe worked closely with us in weekly progress meetings and by making us an integral and active contributor to the program’s success.”