Record Low Temperatures Affect North America

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, January 6, 2014

One of the coldest outbreaks in the past two decades is affecting North America, resulting in dangerous subzero temperatures.  On Tuesday, over 60 daily record lows may be experienced throughout the United States with temperatures dropping as low as -20°C in the Midwest.  Is your temperature-sensitive shipment protected with packaging qualified to -30°C?  For precise control, the CSafe RKN utilizes ThermoCor® high performance insulation along with high efficiency refrigeration and heating systems to ensure the protection of your precious cargo.  The onboard heating systems preserve payloads safely at the desired temperature with set points from 4°C – 25°C, providing Peace of Mind® that shipments in severe ambient conditions will arrive at The Right Temperature®.  Trust the CSafe RKN to maintain the payload temperatures in these severe weather conditions and protect the efficacy of your shipment.


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