Safeguard Your Biopharmaceutical Products During Winter Storm Helena

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Is your temperature-sensitive shipment safeguarded from exposure to extreme weather conditions and transportation delays such as those we are currently experiencing? The thermal integrity of a biopharmaceutical product is solely reliant on the selected thermal shipping solution to safeguard the product efficacy.

The CSafe RKN offers an unrivalled safeguard by utilizing ThermoCor® high performance insulation with a high efficiency temperature management system comprised of both a refrigerated cooling and a radiated heating system to ensure the protection of your precious cargo in both hot and cold climatic conditions. This combined solution insures precise cargo temperature control in all extreme environments, extended battery life and inherent thermal redundancy.

The integral temperature management system maintains payloads precisely at the desired temperature with set points from 4°C – 25°C, providing Peace of Mind® that shipments in severe ambient conditions will arrive at The Right Temperature®. Trust the CSafe RKN to maintain the payload temperatures in these severe weather environments and safeguard the efficacy of your patient’s products.