Virtual Coffee Break Time – Getting To Know CSafe Support

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CSafe Global’s Customer Support team members are experts at providing support that reduces the risks associated with transportation of temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical products. Whether the customer is located around the corner or around the world, they can always count on a Support team member to be available to address customer needs.

Meet Tanya

Tanya West-Garette

While many Americans are sleeping, Tanya is busy assisting CSafe customers in other parts of the world.

Rather than just treating each interaction with a customer as a simple question and answer conversation, Tanya enjoys building customer relationships. She shares, “When a customer shares a workplace story or antic, it allows a friendly tone to be set.” Having that connection can prove vital when unforeseen issues come up. Patience and understanding is necessary to achieve a resolution for the customer. “Striving to develop interpersonal connections has allowed me to have valued friendships with individuals from many different walks of life throughout my career,” Tanya adds.

Tanya’s Story

Recently, Tanya received a voicemail from overseas. A freight forwarder needed assistance returning a CSafe RKN unit to the proper location. CSafe Support team members have the ability and desire to take whatever steps are necessary to address every customer question. Tanya’s personal motto is, “It isn’t always about knowing the answer. It’s about using the resources and tools available to find it.” This came in handy for her, particularly on this call. The message didn’t leave an international country code for her to be able to return the call. Armed just with the city name mentioned in the message, Tanya researched and got the information needed to reach the customer located in France. “Then the fun began,” Tanya says.  “I spoke as slowly and clearly as possible to hopefully avoid any translation issues.” After being transferred many times, it was obvious there was some confusion about the reason for Tanya’s call. Thinking outside the box, Tanya accessed Google Translate. “I typed in the reason for the call, used the voice option for French, then turned up the volume loud enough for the individual on the other end of the call to hear.” Tanya’s solution worked, not only for the translation from English to French, but for the customer who then used Google Translate for their response. Return of the RKN unit to a service center familiar to the customer was arranged efficiently at that point. Tanya shares, “We ended our conversation on a light-hearted note, even with a few chuckles, and ultimately ‘Bonne journee ’ (Have a good day).”

The story of this customer interaction is representative of the nickname given to Tanya by her sons – “Make-a-friend-Tanya.” She admittedly describes herself as a social butterfly who enjoys getting to know people.  She confesses, “I can get on an elevator with complete strangers and know their life history by the time the doors open back up!”  She adds, “Spending time and making memories with my family and friends is a true passion of mine. I enjoy completing 5K’s, kayaking, going to the local rodeo, shopping, and dancing. I am a huge movie buff with comedy being a favorite genre.”

The Key is Understanding

Tanya has found the perfect work-life balance, and her authentic self comes through in each customer interaction. Meeting the needs of customers with successful communication is key in the fast-paced biopharmaceutical cold chain. CSafe Global Customer Support team members are all focused on translating customer information to understanding, ultimately meeting the needs of customers with every experience and at every stage of the relationship with them.