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CSafe: An Example of GDP Collaboration

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Understanding the environment through which a sensitive pharmaceutical/ life science product must travel is essential for any successful supply chain. It provides the solid foundation for design and choice of packaging that ensures the maintenance of the required product temperature … Continued

Reuse Passive Packaging Customer Analysis, Part Two

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This is the second of a two-part blog discussion about the challenges in, and value derived from, a temperature-sensitive packaging reuse program.   Results from a Leading Life Science Customer Using CSafe’s REPAQ Reuse Program Dayton, Ohio, USA, May 15, … Continued

Reducing Supply Chain Costs

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, March 5, 2015 An effective reuse program can significantly reduce total supply chain costs. The most noticeable way is multiple reuses of the same shipping solution, decreasing packaging costs compared to one-time usage.  A solution priced such … Continued

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