Customer Portal

CSafe Global was the first company in the cold-chain industry to provide an all-inclusive customer portal for active container lease management. The portal provides customers accurate, updated container and lease information and acts as the hub for communication, quality control, technical support, performance data and workflow management to simplify customer interaction.

The CSafe customer and technical support teams use the portal to manage leases, assign and move assets all over the world and interact with customers and support colleagues. The platform allows the teams to manage all service and support operations and ensure CSafe remains compliant with quality, maintenance and industry requirements.

Online customer portal to manage leases
  • Request and terminate leases in the CSafe customer portal 24/7/365
  • Gain immediate access to lease data log reports with online decryption tool
  • Evaluate lane efficiency and logistics spend with our demurrage and lane data reporting tool
  • Find dates for container certification, PMR maintenance and annual validation for any container moved on your lease
  • Coming soon – container track & trace!

CSafe implemented a lease forecasting system with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) into the CSafe Customer Portal in 2019 to help ensure we meet container lease demands. Because the tool allows our support team to predict when and where containers will be needed weeks in advance, we can use alternate modes of transport to get them there. If the goal is speed to deliver a container urgently, the tool adjusts to find the best route based on time spent en route, at customs, etc. This has allows CSafe to meet every lease request received even when there is a severely challenged supply chain.

Key Advantages

  • Containers are available where and when you need them – every time
  • Customers may see reduced lease prices and fees
  • Difficult, one-way drops are now possible
  • Long-term lease customers can look for recommendations to optimize internal logistics

CSafe Customer Portal Registration