American Diabetes Association Alert Day – What’s At Risk?

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American Diabetes Association Alert Day
Cold Chain Distribution of Temperature-Sensitive Insulin Critical


To bring awareness of Type 2 diabetes to the forefront, American Diabetes Association Alert Day is March 28, 2017. According to the World Health Organization, 422 million people worldwide live with Type 2 diabetes with 1.2 million deaths attributed to the disease. Luckily patients can manage the condition thanks in part to insulin, a medication used in the treatment of high blood sugar.

Like many biopharmaceuticals, insulin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays and variations of hot or cold temperatures. Its effectiveness is directly linked to the way it is transported and stored. It is essential that it be held within a specific temperature range of between +2 and +8° C.

Delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to their destination can be challenging. Maintaining temperatures through the cold chain distribution process is essential to maintain the integrity of the payload. Packaging solutions that ensure the efficacy of the life-saving pharmaceutical payload from the manufacturing point to delivery to the patient are a vital part of the cold chain.

CSafe Global provides temperature-sensitive packaging solutions that will manage transportation of insulin throughout the cold chain both domestically and around the world. Our RKN active temperature management solution provides double the battery life of competing systems, automatic temperature monitoring and global regulatory approval for aircraft use on both decks. The AcuTemp line of passive solutions provides one of the largest ranges of temperature sensitive packaging available and includes our simple to use reusable couriers, designed specifically with pharmaceutical representatives, healthcare providers, pharmacists and physicians in mind. CSafe Global solutions utilize ThermoCor VIP technology to deliver optimized thermal efficiency, mitigate risk, provide economic value and sustainability for high-value temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical product.

Management of the cold chain process to ensure temperature-sensitive insulin is handled correctly is vital. Recognizing that successful management of diabetes involves even more than properly stored and administered medicine is just as important.

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