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National Thermal Engineer Day in U.S.

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In the United States, the hottest days of the year are considered to occur between July 24 and July 29. The Registrar at National Day Calendar recognizes July 24 as National Thermal Engineer Day. A thermal engineer is an expert … Continued

Virtual Coffee Break – Communication is Key in CSafe Customer Support

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At CSafe Global, we strive to consistently provide excellent customer support. Communication throughout the process is a key part of that support. Working with our global partners through the complexities of RKN leases requires effective communication. The ability to address … Continued

Virtual Coffee Break Time – Getting To Know CSafe Support

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CSafe Global’s Customer Support team members are experts at providing support that reduces the risks associated with transportation of temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical products. Whether the customer is located around the corner or around the world, they can always count on a … Continued

It’s National Yo-Yo Day!

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  What do yo-yo’s, the stock market and temperatures have in common? They all go up and down. Not exactly funny, but in the world of pharmaceutical distribution in the cold chain, maintaining constant shipment temperature despite fluctuating ambient temperatures … Continued

In Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Week

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  The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians celebrate National Emergency Medical Services Week, May 21-27, 2017. This year’s theme, Always in Service, brings local communities and medical personnel together … Continued

Cold Chain Transportation

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The transportation industry and the workforce behind it are sometimes taken for granted. Its importance and impact on people’s everyday lives is recognized officially by the Congress of the United States with May 14 – May 20, 2017 designated National … Continued

Kalibox Website Redesign Introduction

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“The only thing is constant is change.” We’ve all heard that old saying. Not all change is welcome, but in the case of new website design for temperature-controlled packaging manufacturer, Kalibox, change is a good thing. Why the change? After … Continued

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