Celebrate Earth Day! Reduce Supply Chain Costs by Going Green

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Earth Day Go Green

Earth Day 2017’s theme is “Environmental & Climate Literacy.” The campaign stresses that citizens, government organizations and business leaders be prepared to take Green action. Certainly, businesses recognize that going green can have a positive impact on costs. It can influence purchase decisions, competitive advantage and how customers view your products. Make no mistake…the green movement is here to stay.

Biopharmaceutical companies can reduce their environmental footprint and costs by reusing their insulated packaging solutions. According to a survey conducted by Cold Chain Technologies (“”BioPharma Packaging”” (2016), 32.3% of companies indicated they have put initiatives in place to choose low-impact materials.

Supply chain costs can typically be reduced by as much as 30-40% when CSafe Global’s REPAQ® Program is instituted. Customers can repeatedly reuse their insulated shipping boxes and reduce the environmental impact.

While tests show that regardless of the insulation type, degradation results with handling and over time, CSafe Global customers also have the added benefit of knowing that each box goes through a six-step inspection process that includes inspection and repair, thermal requalification and reassembly. CSafe Global is the only program that provides assurance that the packaging meets the original specifications.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize and act on green concepts, both in your business and as a citizen of planet Earth. What plans do you have in place to do your part?


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