Company Achievements

CSafe Global’s advancements in thermal management and cold chain technologies include:

    • The development of ThermoCor® insulation that significantly retards conduction through fluids and gases, radiation and convection.
    • The first battery and AC powered portable refrigerator/freezer with electronic controls and alarm systems to actively monitor containers’ internal temperatures.
    • AcuTemp has supplied over 10,000 PX1L VaxiPac® handheld vaccine carriers to healthcare providers and global immunization organizations.
    • An unique one-piece vacuum insulated lining for parcel-sized shipments that provides thermally improved performance over other insulation types and configurations.
    • The CSafe RKN is the first compressor-driven pallet-sized air cargo container to receive approval by both the FAA and EASA aviation authorities.
    • The RKN has been granted FAA approval for use on both the upper and lower decks of aircraft, expanding the lanes and flights available to our partners.
    • The RKN has successfully transported tens of thousands of shipments without a single reported product loss.
    • The deployment of REPAQ®, the reuse program for passive shippers, that retests thermal integrity before reuse.
    • CSafe’s Enhanced Qualified User Program (EQUiP®) web-based training program to help companies meet CSafe’s compliance requirements.