CSafe as the only Global Provider of Packaging, Passive, and Active Solutions

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Dayton, Ohio, USA, November 28, 2012

Further economic globalization has continued to bring together the regions of the world, creating an ever-expanding need for effective and efficient cold chain logistical systems to transport a diverse collection of temperature-sensitive materials. These conditions have also made necessary a growing reliance on specialization in cold chain transport as companies turn to industry experts to cope with transport complexities.

The global cold chain logistics expert must ensure abidance to global, regional, and local rules, regulations, customs, and environmental conditions all while maintaining the safety and the temperature-sensitive requirements of their customers’ shipments. From manufacturing, to a product’s ultimate use, the complexities encountered during transport are uniquely expressed based on the breath of geographic boundaries. Global, regional, and local transport each has its own, unique requirements and challenges.

Global transport requires unique capabilities to distribute temperature-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, biologics, and vaccines from individual, large facilities, to regional and local destinations throughout the world. These deliveries require provisions for long-distance transport and a clear understanding of the demands of numerous regulatory agencies.1

Regional transport is unique in that it involves economies of scale as area markets service the production and distribution of temperature-sensitive materials from large cold storage facilities to localized distribution points

Local transport focuses on the safe and timely distribution of temperature-sensitive products to their ultimate destinations

The global cold chain logistics expert’s most important responsibility is to safeguard their clients’ cargo as it encounters these variations in geographic boundaries. With the added complexities of global transport, there is a greater likelihood that shipments may be exposed to potentially damaging conditions. These conditions fall into three categories: Physical, damaging vibrations and shocks; Temperature, external heat and cold variations and extremes; and Time, sensitivity to degradation. To ensure cargo safety, today’s companies are increasingly relying on specialized cold chain logistics and technology.

A study, completed in November of 2012 entitled Research and Markets: Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast (2012-2017) points out the explosive growth of cold chain operations in the healthcare industry due to globalization:

IMARC Group, one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms, finds that the total size of the healthcare cold chain logistic services market is expected to expand from its current US$ 6.7 billion to nearly US$ 10.7 billion by 2017.

CSafe is representative of the cold chain logistical and technology specialists that continue to grow in demand. The CSafe brands, AcuTemp and CSafe, represent the full range of cold chain packaging solutions. CSafe is the only global provider of both passive and active solutions, and is the world’s largest producer of active controlled mobile refrigeration units. The following represents the companies’ global service partner locations to be in place by Q1 2013 and 2014, and are an example of CSafe’s expanding global reach.

Current Locations
United States – Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Newark, New York, San Francisco, San Juan
Canada – Montreal, Toronto
EMEA – Amsterdam, Basel, Cologne, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, London, London Gatwick, Manchester, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv
Asia – Hong Kong, Incheon, Singapore,

Atlanta, Bangalore, Beijing, Brussels, Dallas, Jeddah, Melbourne, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Vienna, Zurich

About CSafe

On October 8, 2012, CSafe LLC and AcuTemp Thermal Systems merged their industry leading operations, creating CSafe, the only company to provide a full line of cold chain solutions. As the world’s largest producer of actively controlled mobile refrigeration units with a comprehensive line of packaging, passive systems, and active systems, CSafe has fulfilled the rigorous approval process in service of airline and non-airline customers in the life sciences, healthcare, military, and international disaster relief.

Company President since 2008, Brian Kohr explains, “AcuTemp and CSafe are grounded by the same guiding principles: to offer quality products and services centered on sincerity and business integrity that ensure successful shipments of our customer’s products.” Kohr adds, ‘‘By combining resources, CSafe now leads the industry as the global total cold chain solution provider.”

CSafe’s corporate headquarters are located in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. To find out more about the company and its product and service offerings, visit www.CSafeLLC.com and www.AcuTemp.com.


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