CSafe Connect & TracSafe Data Loggers

A New Frontier for the Truly Integrated Supply Chain

Our newly evolved, cloud-based customer portal brings together product ordering, tracking, reporting and customer support under a single login, to give CSafe customers the first truly integrated supply chain. You can manage and track shipments in real time, log a support ticket, chat live with support staff and download important product materials. 

Continuous end-to-end shipment visibility across the cold chain begins with effective tracking devices that feed essential data into a seamlessly integrated ecosystem. CSafe’s TracSafe™ suite of data loggers enables simple and efficient access to your shipment information in real-time. The complete series of technologies link everything across your entire journey and makes information available all through one platform, all in one place. 

With the CSafe Connect portal offering integrated access to all your cold chain needs, pharmaceutical and logistics companies are able to easily set up and manage all their shipments within a single platform, providing real-time tracking and data reporting. 

CSafe Connect Advantages

  • Ordering, tracking, alerts, reporting and support, all in one place
  • Unlimited number of user access
  • Ability to monitor shipments in real-time
  • Shipments can easily be grouped for better tracking and reporting
  • Alerts provided in the platform, by e-mail and text message
  • Ability to customize and save routes
  • Ability to view and export data in real-time during the shipment to intervene as needed
  • GDP compliant standard shipment report (PDF)

TracSafe data loggers are available in single-use (USB), reusable (BLE) and real-time applications. The data loggers are integrated within the shipper for improved ease of use and reduced procurement burdens. 

TracSafe Features

  • A portfolio of data loggers to suit every requirement
  • Single-use, reusable and real-time options available
  • Integrated within CSafe RKN, CSafe RAP, CSafe APS, Softbox VIP and CGT Ultra
  • Monitor location, payload and ambient temperatures, humidity, pressure, shock, tilt and access breaches
  • Real-time alerts enable immediate response
  • Shipment data visible to all approved stakeholders via the CSafe Connect customer portal 24/7

CSafe Connect

TracSafe MAX

TracSafe PRO

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