EQUiP® Operative

EQUiP® Operative – Within a given organization are personnel who come into contact with the CSafe RKN on a daily basis. To help ensure a successful shipment, it is important that these ‘operatives’ have the right knowledge and training to accomplish their roles in this important cold chain process.

The EQUiP® training is designed to be flexible around the needs of both the organizations and the individual whether they operate in a Pharmaceutical, Freight Forwarder or Airline environment. To achieve this, the Operative Accreditation is broken into multiple modules designed to train the individual operatives on specific tasks and duties associated with their role or service they perform.

Shown below are the five EQUiP® modules that individuals can gain accreditation for:

1. RKN Product Overview Accreditation – (Compulsory – all users)

2. Lease Processing Accreditation – (Responsible for leasing CSafe products)

3. RKN Handling Accreditation – (Responsible for transporting the RKN)

4. RKN Packout Accreditation – (Responsible for loading the RKN)

5. RKN Shipment Activation & Termination Accreditation – (Responsible for starting & ending the shipment)