Webinar: Digital Transformation in the Cold Chain (Part 2)

Digital Transformation Webinar - Ai

Event Description

As the cold chain industry dives in to digital transformation and really begins to extract critical data, it’s important to understand how to analyze and use the information to not only make decisions about ongoing shipments, but also create efficiencies and reduce costs long-term. In part 2 of our Digital Transformation in the Cold Chain webinar series, Marie Weissmann-Nolting, CSafe Global Director of Logistics and Shea Vincent, Global Product Manager for CSafe Air Cargo, will share insights and answer your questions on:

  • Artificial intelligence in general
  • How artificial intelligence is changing the cold chain for the better
  • Long-term lease forecasting
  • Meeting lease demand during a worldwide pandemic


Marie Weissmann-NoltingMarie Weissmann-Nolting, MBA is the Global Director of Logistics for CSafe and responsible for ensuring CSafe Air Cargo units are in the right place at the right time for customer leases. Prior to joining CSafe, she held multiple roles focused on automation of transportation and logistics within the supply chain for the consumer-packaged goods industry.

An innovation leader, Marie consistently finds new solutions to old problems. Through her collaborative mindset, she has been able to partner with customers to find mutually beneficial processes and relationships resulting in significant cost savings. She has led numerous successful work process automations driving FTE time savings and auditable work accuracy improvement. Her love of process improvement and out of the box thinking are truly highlighted by her work with artificial intelligence, which has led to revolutionary changes in the supply chain and cold chain industries.

Shea VincentShea Vincent is the Global Product Manager for CSafe’s Air Cargo portfolio and all customer facing service initiatives to support these products. Shea earned a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University and spent most of her career working in the orthopedic medical device industry, developing and commercializing trauma and spine orthopedic implants.

Shea has worn many different hats throughout her career with responsibilities in engineering, operations, sales and product management. She has led many successful product launches, researched and developed disruptive technologies and products, and continues to rely on her strong leadership and relationship skills to motivate teams, keep projects on track and ultimately deliver high-quality solutions that greatly impact the lives of patients across the globe.

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Live Event Recorded Aug. 11, 2020