The CSafe RAP is the latest innovation in high-performing temperature-controlled containers delivering best-in-class payload protection for large pharmaceutical and life-science shipments.

Offering the largest payload capacity in the industry, the CSafe RAP leverages the groundbreaking heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies of the CSafe RKN with advanced VIP insulation to eliminate thermal risks to cargo travelling through extreme ambient temperature conditions on long-duration shipments.

Temperature controlled vaccines enhance lives

RAP Performance Features

  • Superior VIP insulation
  • Unique ARS airflow pathway, encapsulating payload with conditioned air on all sides to ensure optimal temperature mapping and operational efficiency
  • Advanced Temperature Management System (TMS) for autonomous control of innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling systems
  • Array of 10 temperature sensors throughout cargo compartment for high level of redundancy in temperature and system control
  • Flexible composite exterior panels containing high-performance aramid fibre for enhanced container durability
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use control panel to minimise user training time and effort
  • User-selectable temperature set points from +4°C to +25°C, in 1°C increments

RAP System Advantages

  • Broad operating range maintaining payload temperature in extreme ambient temperatures (–30°C to +54°C)
  • Narrow temperature tolerance (±1°C at +5°C; ±1.5°C at +20°C)
  • Extended battery run time of >120 hours for typical shipments
  • Superior passive holdover time due to incorporation of best-in-class insulation technology (VIP)

RAP Physical Specifications

  • Payload volume: 6.68 m3
  • Internal dimensions (L × W × H):
    2,477 mm × 2,083 mm × 1,295 mm
  • External dimensions (L × W × H):
    3,175 mm × 2,235 mm × 1,626 mm
  • Tare weight: 1,213 kg
  • Maximum payload weight: 4,819 kg
  • Maximum allowable weight: 6,033 kg

RAP Power Features

  • Power sources:
    • AC power (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
    • Internal batteries (regulatory approved, sealed, non-spillable design that meets Dangerous Goods Regulations)
  • Rechargeable anywhere in the world with included multi-system charging cables
  • Rapid battery charging, from 0% to 100% in only 10 hours
  • Run time >120 hours for typical shipments
CSafe RAP diagram

RAP Data Features

  • Automated data logging of cargo compartment temperature, ambient temperature, door opening events and battery status
  • Downloadable, free data file available via integrated USB port allowing for immediate access to shipment data

RAP Design Features

  • Suitable for use on all wide-body aircraft, with regulatory approval for use on both lower and upper decks
  • Unlike other containers, no payload pallet required to ensure optimal airflow within cargo area
  • Container base accessible by forklift from all sides
  • Optimised design to hold 4 standard US pallets or 5 standard Euro pallets
  • Wide-opening, twin-door container design for easy access to cargo area
  • Continuous pallet base for optimum roller conveyor transport and aircraft loading