Kalibox Website Redesign Introduction

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Kalibox Website Launch

“The only thing is constant is change.”

We’ve all heard that old saying. Not all change is welcome, but in the case of new website design for temperature-controlled packaging manufacturer, Kalibox, change is a good thing.

Why the change?

After acquiring Kalibox in August 2016, CSafe Global recognized the need for a fresh look; one that mirrors CSafe’s website. As a more complete expression of Kalibox’s solutions for the safe transportation of life saving medicines in Europe as well as a representation of the CSafe Global complete lineup of cold chain product solutions, users should find navigation of the new Kalibox site much more comprehensive.

Here is a list of the some of the changes:

  • Navigation – The new site focuses on improved navigation of available products and services.
  • Added Resources – Innovative information through blogs, news releases and CSafe Global’s Equips Newsletters will be updated on a regular basis and available for download.
  • Mobile – A key focus in the redesign effort was to make it a fully responsive design so visitors can navigate on any mobile device.

The new Kalibox website is a statement of CSafe’s vision – to be the most trusted cold chain solutions partner through quality, innovation and transparency. It was vitally important to provide an improved Kalibox website that users will find beneficial. Check it out – www.kalibox.com and share your user experience with us at info@csafeglobal.com.