National Thermal Engineer Day in U.S.

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In the United States, the hottest days of the year are considered to occur between July 24 and July 29. The Registrar at National Day Calendar recognizes July 24 as National Thermal Engineer Day. A thermal engineer is an expert in the design of systems and processes to convert generated energy from various thermal sources into chemical, mechanical or electrical energy.

At CSafe Global, our Thermal Engineers play a critical role in the development, production and testing of our temperature-sensitive packaging.

Meet Justin

Justin Yeager, Thermal EngineerA valuable member of CSafe Global’s Engineering Team, Justin focuses on the entire system to calculate energy flows and balances. He is concerned with the design and development of processes and packaging materials that perform at the highest efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

Justin’s Story

A customer in Marietta, Ohio presented CSafe with the challenge to design and assemble a new style of VIP container that would use CSafe insulation in their passive pallet shipper.

This proved challenging as CSafe had recently started using a new insulation core thickness that responded differently to the pressure in the vacuum chamber than the previous version. Multiple prototypes were constructed and multiple samples collected to ensure a better average result. Justin and other members of the Engineering team collected data to see how a bi-fold-style panel would perform under vacuum and to see if it could bend at the correct angle to meet the customer requirements without going flat. This was completed on all the inner and outer corners of the shipper, making adjustment of the rest of the VIP difficult because of the tolerance stack-up from these panels and the rest that created the four-layer assembly on each wall.

Ultimately a final prototype was created. Justin delivered the shipper directly to the customer’s facility and reassembled the container on-site where testing continued.

Being able to interact with customers and fellow employees on a personal level is something that Justin especially enjoys. Justin applied that personal touch in this case and left knowing that the customer was appreciative of the end result.

CSafe/Customer Win-Win Solution

Justin shares that he currently finds thermal and 3D modeling most rewarding. Solid modeling is when a three-dimensional rendering is used to obtain measurements from calculated surfaces made on the computer. Thermal modeling is where the computed object is given material properties and run through a simulation that represents a physical test that is run in the chambers outside the lab, also known as finite element analysis. “It’s a cost-effective process not only for CSafe, but for our customers,” Justin says. He adds, “Rather than investing in physical parts to build the shippers, incurring overhead expenses for running the chambers and computers, often for days, as well as labor costs for running the test, we instead spend a fraction of the time creating a virtual test that runs in a matter of minutes.” The process allows for the possibility of design and developments costs for different solutions, and results in a lower cost solution with a quicker lead time for the customer.

Quality Engineering

We celebrate each member of CSafe’s Engineering Team on Thermal Engineer Day. They are highly trained at developing and testing temperature-sensitive packaging to meet customized solutions and work diligently to meet the demands of our customers.