Industry-leading passive packaging solutions

CSafe offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of innovative passive packaging solutions to help protect vital life science payloads and the countless patients who depend on them. As your dedicated cold chain partner, our passive solutions are designed to consistently provide unequaled temperature assurance across a broad range of standard and custom applications, while also helping manage operational costs for maximum customer value.

Our passive packaging solutions offer unparalleled flexibility with a multitude of payload sizes, temperature ranges, phase change materials (PCM), and both Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) and rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation options to help you select the optimal and most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Range of passive solutions to best meet your specific cold chain needs

With over 40 years’ of experience in temperature-controlled packaging, CSafe AcuTemp® solutions have delivered uncompromising protection of lifesaving temperature-sensitive products for patients all around the world. Every AcuTemp® solution promises premium temperature control by utilizing CSafe’s high-performance ThermoCor® Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology.

Kalibox® passive packaging solutions are a cost-effective option ideal for short-duration life-science shipments. Kalibox® products precisely maintain internal payload temperatures by utilizing CSafe’s high-density PUR insulation together with our patented refrigerants to provide optimal thermal protection and customer value.

CSafe AcuTemp® parcel and courier solutions

AcuTemp® parcel solutions

CSafe AcuTemp® parcels utilize high-performing ThermoCor® VIP insulation. The innovative range consists of two specific product lines – the AcuTemp® Classic Series and the AcuTemp® Plus Series – to address the different cold chain shipment needs of commercial pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and cell and gene therapies. AcuTemp® solutions are designed to provide unrivaled protection and are ideal for high-value products and long duration shipments.

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AcuTemp® PX1L

The AcuTemp® PX1L delivers reliable, long-lasting temperature control for up to 22 hours—without ice or active power—in a rugged, highly portable case. By utilizing our patented PXC phase change coolant packs, the AcuTemp® PX1L precisely maintains internal payload temperatures for extended periods while eliminating the hazard and inconvenience of handling dry or wet ice.

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AcuTemp® courier solutions

AcuTemp® couriers are specially designed to support physicians, pharmacists, researchers, pharmaceutical representatives, and other healthcare professionals making last-mile delivery of temperature-sensitive products to patients or treatment centers.

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CSafe Kalibox® parcel and pallet solutions

Kalibox® parcel solutions

CSafe Kalibox® parcels are perfect for small-volume transportation of temperature-sensitive products, offering exceptional performance and duration by utilizing our novel high-density, rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation.

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Kalibox® pallet solutions

CSafe Kalibox® pallets bring exceptional convenience, reliability, and value to bulk shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Available in a variety of temperature set points, all Kalibox® pallets are prequalified and tested against multiple customer-specific ambient temperature profiles—simulating a range of transit conditions during air freight shipments—to deliver ultimate cold chain confidence with every shipment.

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