AcuTemp® parcel solutions

Two product series designed to address different cold chain packaging needs

AcuTemp® Plus Series

The AcuTemp® Plus Series addresses the cold chain shipment needs of commercial pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and cell and gene therapies. With high-performing Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) and single temperature phase change material (PCM), this enhanced reusable product series has been optimally designed for protection, simplicity and efficiency.

Protection by design

  • Selection of best-in-class materials:
    • High-performance microfiber VIP
    • Single temperature PCM
  • Surpasses ISTA 7D worst case challenge testing

Simplicity by design

  • Cubic-style design with minimal components
  • Hibernation capabilities
  • Simple pack-out process

Efficiency by design

  • Minimized external dimensions
  • Maximized payload dimensions
  • Ideal for multi-use requirements, leveraging CSafe’s unique REPAQ program

AcuTemp® Classic Series

The AcuTemp® Classic Series is a range of high-performing, reliable and flexible cold chain packaging solutions that provide greater Peace of Mind to your passive cold chain. This series utilizes dual temperature refrigerants and is ideally designed for single-use applications.

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  • High-performing VIP-insulated packaging specialized for life science cold chain logistics
  • Reduced box size and weight for lower shipping costs and warehouse storage requirements
  • Extended hold times of up to 200 hours with VIP insulation, enabling use of less-expensive shipping methods
  • Novel, user-friendly design to help save pack-out time and eliminate costly operator error
  • Single-use and requalified solutions available
  • Temperature ranges: refrigerated (2°C to 8°C), CRT, and frozen (−80°C, −40°C, −20°C)
  • Shipping durations: up to 200 hours
  • Payload volumes: 0.5 L (30.5 in3) to 66 L (4,027 in3)

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Our interactive passive packaging advisor suggests prequalified AcuTemp® packaging solutions that can be made to meet your specific temperature-control requirements. Simply choose your temperature, duration, and payload volume to find the AcuTemp® parcel solution that’s right for you. If you would like to discuss a completely custom design, please complete this form to contact your regional sales representative through the contact an expert form.

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Questions about AcuTemp® parcel solutions?

For ordering assistance, product inquiries, or help finding the AcuTemp® parcel solution that’s right for you, please complete this form to contact your regional sales representative through the contact an expert form.

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