ThermoCor® VIP Manufactured Exclusively by CSafe Global

The key to every CSafe and AcuTemp product’s performance is the unmatched insulating efficiency provided by ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. Backed by three decades of research, innovation and manufacturing, ThermoCor®, which is exclusively produced by CSafe Global, boasts highly efficient insulating properties that translate into longer hold times, reduced power and coolant consumption, and superior temperature control.

Here’s how ThermoCor® stacks up against the most commonly used insulating materials on a per inch thickness basis.


ThermoCor offers R Values of 55 per inch thickness, which is 10 times greater than traditional insulating materials.  This is ideal for many uses, especially the shipment of highly valuable temperature-sensitive products.  Due to its performance, construction and cost, ThermoCor is ideal for both one-time use and reusable systems.

  • 1 inch = R-55 or K of 0.018

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