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Issue #25 | December 2017

CSafe Global is proud to announce that it has
received approval from the FederalAviation Administration (FAA)
for our new RAP ULD container, the latest addition to the company’s
full line of active and passive cold chain packaging solutions.

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Issue #24 | July 2017

Ensuring that temperature-sensitive packaging solutions are thermally sound and qualified when they enter the cold chain—as well as offering customers a wide assortment of cost-saving opportunities—is always on the forefront of CSafe's mission and daily operations.

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Issue #23 | April 2017

Cold chain specialist, CSafe Global, recently hosted an event to address the challenges facing the global pharmaceutical industry and how the Korean marketplace has emerged as a key contributor in global healthcare innovation.

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Issue #22 | December 2016

The pharma and biotech industries are continuously seeking reliable ways of ascertaining the location, payload condition and the ambient environment surrounding temperature-sensitive products during transit.

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Issue #21 | October 2016

CSafe Global is proud to confirm the completion of the acquisition of Kalibox. Founded in 2001, Kalibox manufactures temperature-controlled packaging including insulated shippers, patented design insulated pallet shippers and refrigerants.

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