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A question of choice and suitability | December 2016

The pharma and biotech industries are continuously seeking reliable ways of ascertaining the location, payload condition, and ambient environment surrounding their temperature-sensitive products during transit. It’s rapidly becoming a regulatory, safety, security, and commercial issue.

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An Example of GDP Collaboration | September 2016

Choosing the right route and packaging is one thing – but how well do you know your supply chain partners in terms of their capabilities in Good Distribution Practice standards? Arguably this is just as important since we know that even the best designed and manufactured packaging solution can easily fail if poorly handled by untrained staff who are not aware of the peculiar needs of your shipment.

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Lifecycle Logistics | August 2016

For most pharmaceutical companies (and perhaps those particularly operating under the regulatory guidance of the EU), a key challenge is the ability to create and maintain an innovative and competitive distribution channel strategy. This means looking beyond the traditional cost components of ‘transportation’ and taking a wider view of all the elements that go to make up the total cost of distribution.

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Maintenance of Active ULD’s and It’s Positive Impact on Performance and Longevity | October 2015

Maintenance of any mechanical system is paramount to ensure optimal and consistent operational performance and service life of the equipment. At CSafe Global, we embrace this philosophy and made a commitment from day one of launching our active RKN container fleet that we would have the best maintenance program in the industry.

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‘Store in a Cool, Dry Place’ ‘Bring to Room Temperature Before Use’ | September 2015

Those two statements will probably be familiar to many of us who actually bother to read product labels or even those who enjoy making an attempt at cooking. Many recipes call for food ingredients, such as fresh meat, that have been held in a refrigerator to be brought up to ‘room temperature’ before cooking. But therein lies a familiar puzzle – what is ‘room temperature’? And what is a ‘cool, dry place’? What’s ’Cool’? What’s ‘Dry’?

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