As partners in cold chain management, CSafe Global shares both our expertise and our knowledge to help ensure successful shipments. Our assurance to the users of our RKN and SVS extends not only to the performance of the containers themselves, but also to the training of the personnel who will come into contact with the air pallet containers.

That is why we have developed our training program to ensure that shippers have 100% confidence in the overall cold chain air cargo distribution process. Our Enhanced Qualified User Program (EQUiP®) has been developed to help companies meet CSafe’s compliance requirements and instill a high level of confidence.

EQUiP® accreditation is awarded to those companies who achieve compliance to the assessment program, combined with successful completion of a web-based training/assessment by an authorized EQUiP® representative.

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EQUiP® Corporate

EQUiP® Corporate Accreditation is awarded to those companies who achieve compliance to the CSafe assessment criteria together with successful EQUiP® training of their operators within their organization.

EQUiP® Corporate Site

EQUiP® Corporate Site Accreditation will be awarded to individual company site locations who achieve compliance to the CSafe assessment criteria.


The EQUiP-Elite program was developed to recognize key individuals within an organization who have exceptional industry knowledge/expertise and have completed all of the EQUiP® modules.

EQUiP® Operative

To help ensure a successful shipment, it is important that operatives who come into contact with a CSafe RKN have the right knowledge and training to accomplish their roles in this important cold chain process.