Offering lease customers instant access to detailed active container information

Determining the optimum lease arrangements for active containers and keeping track of a leased-product portfolio can be demanding for logistics companies that ship biologics and other temperature-sensitive products. That’s why CSafe has developed the innovative CATS (Container Automated Tracking System) customer portal, allowing container lessees the ability to manage and oversee their CSafe RKN or CSafe RAP inventory from the comfort of their desks. Additionally, the CATS data system allows authorized users unlimited access to their CSafe RKN or CSafe RAP temperature data and charts at no cost.

Access to information closes the loop in the data chain when it comes to track and trace and regulatory compliance. By accessing validation and conformance data housed within the CATS system, CSafe authorized users can be assured of the quality of the equipment under lease.

CATS overview

The CATS customer portal provides users with at-a-glance lease status, including active and historical container status, service history, testing/certification data, and temperature verification dates as well as CSafe product information, including user manuals and relevant SOPs. All customer account information is held on a secure server as encrypted data that is available for download as preformatted, ad hoc reports and charts for offline analysis, processing, and action. Content access can be controlled on an individual level, allowing restriction of user access based on specific business requirements.

Customer login

Unlimited access to the CATS customer portal is available—free of charge—to all CSafe Master Lease Agreement holders. For more information about accessing your CATS portal, please email

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