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Passive packaging qualification

As a leading global provider of a full line of cold chain packaging solutions, CSafe produces one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of temperature-sensitive passive packaging.

Our innovative combination of packaging components allows for greater flexibility, lower freight costs, and longer hold times, with a simple, intuitive pack-out design that helps save time and reduce costly operator errors.

Delivering passive value

Our passive packaging portfolio is designed to deliver not only unmatched temperature assurance but also maximum customer value from:

  • Reduced box size and weight for lower shipping costs and warehouse storage requirements
  • Easy pack-out design that reduces wasted time and costly operator errors
  • Extended hold times of up to 200 hours with VIP insulation, enabling use of less-expensive shipping methods
  • Single-use and requalified solutions with options to chose from
  • REPAQ® packaging retest and reuse program for 40% reduction in overall supply-chain packaging costs
  • Performance that reduces or eliminates spoilage
  • Qualified ISTA 7D solutions

Interactive passive packaging advisor: finding the solution that’s right for you

Our interactive passive packaging advisor helps you quickly and conveniently find the right passive solutions to meet your needs. Simply select your temperature requirements, shipping duration, and payload volume, and we’ll help you find the passive packaging solution that’s right for you.

Explore the interactive passive packaging advisor

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