Reduce costs with requalified packaging

REPAQ® retest and reuse program

Many companies reuse their insulated shipping boxes to keep supply chain costs as low as possible. However, thermal testing reveals that all insulation—regardless of type—degrades with handling over time, causing the performance of insulated shippers to decline. Without accurate testing, it’s almost impossible to ensure the integrity and performance of the shipper and/or the insulation.

With our REPAQ® requalification and reuse program, customers can have their insulated shipping boxes inspected, cleaned, and thermally requalified to guarantee their thermal integrity prior to reuse—a service offered by no other reuse program. With REPAQ®, users are able to repeatedly reuse their insulated shipping boxes with total confidence that they will perform just like new.

Promoting operational proficiency and cold chain confidence

  • Participation is free
  • No asset tracking required
  • Innovative ThermoCor® Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) designs simplify pack-outs
  • Training and educational support is available for sales, customer service, manufacturing, operations, and shipping personnel
  • Packaging used in the REPAQ® program is easily identified for return and reuse
  • Leverages global network of CSafe reclamation centers
  • Comprehensive retesting performed on return packaging to ensure guarantee to original pre-use specifications
  • Reduces unnecessary landfill waste and is an efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible packaging program

Frequently asked questions about REPAQ®

What are the benefits of the REPAQ® program?

Using AcuTemp® solutions typically provides a 30% cost reduction while meeting the highest level of quality in the industry. Add on the REPAQ® program, and another 40% cost savings can be achieved along with the environmental benefits and customer service improvements.

How will the REPAQ® program impact my staff and end users?

Every step of the way, CSafe makes it easy for your staff, logistics teams, and end users to participate in the REPAQ® program.

For your staff: We help implement the program by providing all required qualification reports, work instructions, materials, and training.

For your logistics team: AcuTemp® solutions are designed to offer unparalleled simplicity and ease of use. This improves inbound and outbound logistics as well as efficiency within your operations.

For your end users: Your destination sites will no longer need to dispose of the packaging—they simply leave the box for pickup using the return label applied—saving end users both time and money.

What is involved in setting up a REPAQ® program?

Your account is assigned an account manager who will work with you to set up the program to ensure its success. Setup includes

  • Identifying the necessary packages (sizes, temperature ranges, durations, and payload volumes)
  • Identifying the most-efficient process for working with your logistics partners
  • Helping educate your supply chain—from operation to package recipients—to ensure the highest level of compliance
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