Spring Brings Warmer Weather…Or Does It?

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weather loop 320

Commitment to customers and temperature-sensitive materials is critical no matter the ambient conditions.

March 20 marks the beginning of Spring, however, climate conditions will vary greatly within the Northern Hemisphere. Ambient temperatures play a critical role in the biopharmaceutical cold chain. Whether a temperature-sensitive package is sitting on the tarmac in Montreal, Canada or on a loading dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico, it is vitally important that the proper temperature is maintained during every phase of transportation. Cold chain packaging that is proven to provide consistent and specific payload temperatures must be considered when developing a logistics strategy.

CSafe Global’s RKN will maintain payload temperatures at set points between +4° and +25°C. and ambient temperature ranges with no exposure limitations of -30 to +49°C for up to 100 hours. When operating on battery power, it will maintain 4°C internal temperature for 8 hours even when exposed to +43°C ambient temperature. Customers can be assured consistent and effective operation with the knowledge that every unit undergoes a maintenance program rebuild every three years, including early battery replacement.

CSafe Global is committed to providing temperature-sensitive packaging that provides the customer Peace of Mind® their cargo will be delivered at The Right Temperature®.

For more information on CSafe Global’s RKN, visit https://csafeglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/48158-csa1519-keep-it-csafe-campaign-8-25×10-875_web.pdf

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