Virtual Coffee Break – Communication is Key in CSafe Customer Support

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At CSafe Global, we strive to consistently provide excellent customer support. Communication throughout the process is a key part of that support. Working with our global partners through the complexities of RKN leases requires effective communication. The ability to address a customer request and go as far as necessary to achieve satisfaction is what sets us apart.

Meet Kenny

Providing service to the global cold chain involves communication with people from different cultures and who speak other languages. A member of the Customer Support Team, Kenny works the second shift, and thus, has the opportunity to work with many overseas customers. Working with those customers toward a common goal is something Kenny finds most rewarding.

Kenny Ferguson

Kenny’s Story

A situation arose early this year with a logistics partner. Kenny took the call from an air export customer service rep based in Miami, Florida who needed assistance with a lease shipment. A few days before the end of his 14-day lease, the rep faced the challenge of getting units returned to Miami from Brasilia International Airport. He needed to know what options were available to him before the lease expired. Kenny evaluated the situation, did some research and gave the rep a few alternatives, including extending his lease and alternate return locations. After reviewing the many options Kenny presented, the rep chose to return the unit to Newark Liberty International Airport. Using this option, Kenny changed only the return location and was able to keep the lease at the original 14-day term. He shares, “I chose a “wait and see” approach instead of changing the lease term because there was still a possibility the units could return to Miami within the 14 days.” Ultimately, the customer service rep communicated back to Kenny that he was able to secure a return to Miami with only two days of demurrage incurred. In the end, it was only necessary to change the lease contract back to the original location. The customer sales rep appreciated the extra effort on Kenny’s part and the positive result of his actions.

“This is an example of the importance CSafe Customer Support team members place on maintaining effective communication with customers throughout the entire lease,” Kenny says. “It also showcases our flexibility in offering alternative solutions to a problem and coming to a resolution that meets the customer’s needs.”

Kenny recalls when he first started his position at CSafe, he was challenged with learning all the necessary information about CSafe products, the lanes, the customers and their requirements. Kenny found that having the gift of excellent memory recall was very helpful. It’s a secret talent that certainly can be beneficial while learning the ins and outs of global temperature-sensitive product transportation. “It also makes me quite formidable in trivia games,” Kenny reports with a smile.

Challenging himself to learn new things is one of Kenny’s goals. He hopes to master playing a guitar he recently purchased. He’s also in the beginning stages of learning the Japanese language. When Kenny isn’t shopping for the latest clothing trends, he can be found indulging in his other passion…basketball. A huge Celtics fan, he hopes to one day even coach again, something he did at a local YMCA.

Quality Communication

The goal of every CSafe Global Customer Support team member is to communicate efficiently and effectively with every CSafe Global customer. Each team member is an expert in providing support that mitigates the risks associated with safety, quality and efficiency in the transportation of temperature-sensitive products. High-quality products backed by a high-quality support team is part of the reason why so many customers choose CSafe Global.