Temperature assured. Life enhanced.

Safeguarding life's most vital temperatures

There’s no room for error in life-science cold chain logistics, and stable, precise temperature control is critical in maintaining the quality of vital, life-enhancing products during storage and transport. No company knows this better, or does it better, than CSafe—the true partner in cold chain packaging offering you the most reliable protection against temperature excursions.

Delivering best-in-class packaging solutions for life-enhancing products

CSafe is the industry’s only provider of a full line of both active and passive cold chain packaging solutions, designed to ensure the integrity of the world’s most advanced temperature-sensitive products. Our comprehensive portfolio of temperature-control solutions can accommodate any customer need and is backed by unparalleled customer service, rapid-response technical support, rigorous system testing and validation, and an industry-leading preventive maintenance program (PMR).

That’s why more customers trust CSafe as an indispensable cold chain partner for all of their temperature-management needs—and why you should too. It’s our commitment to you that, no matter where you ship your precious, life-enhancing products, they will be kept safe and stable with CSafe’s best-in-class cold chain packaging solutions.

ThermoCor® VIP insulation: the core of cold chain packaging innovation

The superior performance of CSafe’s range of active and passive packaging solutions is driven by the unmatched insulating efficiency of our proprietary ThermoCor® Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP). Backed by nearly 4 decades of research, innovation, and manufacturing, ThermoCor® VIP boasts highly efficient insulating properties that translate into longer hold times, reduced power and stored energy consumption, and superior temperature control, even in the most extreme ambient environments.

ThermoCor® VIP achieves nearly 10 times greater thermal protection than other commonly used insulation materials

ThermoCor® achieves far superior thermal efficiency compared to commonly used packaging insulation

* R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. Materials with a higher R-value possess greater thermal resistance and, therefore, superior insulating properties.

ThermoCor® remains the least conductive insulation material in the packaging industry

* W/mK, also referred to as "K value," is a measure of thermal conductivity, or the rate of heat transfer in a homogeneous material. Materials with a lower K value transfer less heat and provide superior insulating properties.

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