About CSafe

CSafe offers the most comprehensive suite of thermal shipping solutions for pharmaceutical cold chain shipping needs around the world. With a “patient-first” focus, deep industry expertise and commitment to innovation, CSafe delivers industry-leading products in both the active and passive segments. CSafe is the only provider with an end-to-end portfolio including active and passive bulk air cargo, parcel, cell and gene and specialty last-mile use cases and the ability to meet the complete range of pharma cold-chain shipping requirements with industry-leading quality and reliability. Offering nearly any size, duration and temperature – CSafe is at the heart of your cold chain.

Amsterdam CSafe office - European HQ

CSafe was founded to help enhance lives. The founders – a father and son missionary team serving the most vulnerable in underdeveloped countries – witnessed death and suffering caused by the spoilage of life-saving biologics, vaccines and medicines. The spoilage was the result of poor temperature management during transit. Upon returning home, they were determined to find a solution to the deficiencies in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Their early efforts developing packaging solutions incorporating high-performance vacuum insulated panels (VIP) laid the foundation for the full suite of active and passive products CSafe offers today. CSafe remains committed to the founders’ mission to ensure that patients around the world have access to viable, life-enhancing pharmaceuticals.

  • 1979

    Company founded

    Based in Ohio, USA

  • 1980s

    Development Phase

    • Partnered with leading research institutions to develop VIP
    • Began developing thermoelectric devices
    • Opened first manufacturing facility

  • 1990s

    Go to Market

    • Commercialized process to mass produce VIP
    • Partnered with NASA to develop insulated units for Space Shuttle program
    • Awarded first patents for VIP
    • Introduced first mobile refrigeration unit

  • 2003

    Launched PX1L carrying case

    First handheld unit with VIP

  • 2004

    Acquired by Myrian Capital

    Provided growth capital and support

  • 2005

    Began developing active temperature-controlled unit load device

    The RKN became CSafe's first active container solution

  • 2006

    Launched parcel shipping solutions

    Industry-leading passive solution with VIP

  • 2007

    Received FAA approval for CSafe RKN

    First active air cargo container approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • 2008

    Put CSafe RKN into service

    First CSafe active air cargo container with patented VIP insulation

  • 2008

    Opened first Service Center

    Located in Memphis, TN

  • 2011

    Launched industry's first retest & reuse program

    CSafe's program set the standard for sustainability in parcel packaging

  • 2012

    Changed name to CSafe Global

    Integrated AcuTemp sub-brand into the passive parcel line

  • 2012

    Established European headquarters

    Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2012

    Introduced soft-sided courier solution

    Hand-held courier for the public health market and last mile delivery

  • 2013

    Doubled U.S. manufacturing footprint

    Needed to meet increased demand for CSafe thermal shipping solutions

  • 2014

    Launched online customer portal

    24/7 customer access to ordering and shipping data

  • 2015

    Purchased by Altaris Capital Partners

    Provided capital to continue expanding operations and RKN fleet

  • 2016

    Acquired Kalibox

    Doubled CSafe's customer base and catalog of thermal shipping solutions

  • 2016

    Acquired by Thomas H. Lee Partners

    Additional capital investment to expand portfolio and locations globally

  • 2016

    Launched passive pallet shipper

    Innovative and cost saving design

  • 2017

    Established Asian headquarters

    Located in Incheon, South Korea

  • 2018

    Put CSafe RAP into service

    Designed to offer the largest payload capacity in the industry

  • 2019

    Launched artificial intelligence logistics platform

    Industry's first fully-integrated AI platform

  • 2019

    Introduced Cell & Gene Solutions

    Comprehensive supply chain solution for the cell and gene therapy market

  • 2020

    Continued expanding geographically

    Expanded multiple service centers and opened new locations

  • 2020

    Launched industry's first real-time track & trace technology

    Integrated telemetry devices deliver real-time data to custom visibility platform

  • 2020

    Investment from Frazier Healthcare Partners

    Frazier Healthcare makes investment to continue global expansion and market growth.

  • 2021

    Acquired Softbox Systems

    CSafe strengthened its global infrastructure across air and ground while expanding its offerings for parcel delivery, all supported by the most advanced technology infrastructure.

  • 2022

    Launched CSafeAPS

    The CSafeAPS is engineered to provide reliable and customizable thermal protection at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures. It provides real-time data tracking including the thermal capacity indicator, which displays the predicted remaining temperature protection by lane.

  • 2023

    Launched first truly integrated cold chain

    CSafe Connect is our cloud-based customer portal that brings together product ordering, tracking, reporting and customer support under a single login. The tracking within CSafe Connect is supported by our TracSafe suite of data loggers that enable simple and efficient access to your critical shipment data across the cold chain journey.

CSafe Sustainability Perspective

Commitment to Quality Ensures Access to Safe Medicines

As a leading temperature-controlled shipping solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, CSafe is directly involved in the distribution of more life-saving medicines than any other provider. We know that each medicine, market and shipping lane has unique and critical requirements for thermal performance, shipment volume and duration. In addition, we know our pharma partners also have financial and sustainability commitments to achieve. Through our broad portfolio of active bulk air cargo, passive bulk air cargo, parcel and specialty solutions, we are committed to providing products that offer the highest level of quality and reliability in the relative solution types, and also offer ranges of price and sustainability benefits to provide customers the options they need to find the right solution for each product, lane and corporate objective. By providing the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions across the continuum of performance, volume and product life cycle, CSafe gives our customers the best chance of ensuring safe delivery of medicine, while also offering the flexibility to make portfolio decisions related to total delivered cost in terms of financial and environmental impacts.

CSafe Philosophy on Sustainability

When it comes to managing and mitigating the environmental impacts of our business, CSafe has always taken a comprehensive view to total system efficiencies. We realize there is no magic solution that delivers zero environmental impact and impenetrable thermal performance. This is why we maintain a balance of efforts across operational efficiencies, product design and performance, and a robust fleet of reusable solutions. It is the collective impact of this suite of benefits that enables us and our customers to safely deliver critical medicines while minimizing negative impacts to our planet.

Operational Efficiencies to Reduce Energy Consumption and CO2 Impacts

Over the last five years, CSafe has implemented multiple operational efficiency improvements across our global site network to reduce waste and energy consumption. These improvements include driving efficiencies in how we design solutions, including making use of thermal simulation technologies to reduce the use of environmental test chambers during the design process, as well as continuous improvements in how we assemble our parcel solutions and how we procure raw materials and components. We have also made our facilities more energy efficient by installing LED lighting with motion sensors at all of our U.S. facilities, with further plans to upgrade newly acquired Softbox Systems UK facilities.

In Q1 2022 we engaged a third-party consulting firm to conduct an audit of Scope 1 & 2 Green House Gas (GHG) emissions across 22 owned sites. Twenty of the 22 sites showed energy consumption well below manufacturing industry averages. We have identified mitigation actions to address the two outlier facilities, including reconfiguring our Long Crendon lab facility to enable installation of an upgraded power supply and relocating our EWR service center to a more energy efficient facility. Both mitigations will be implemented in Q1 2023. As a matter of practice, we will continue to monitor GHG emissions across our network and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

We also have made improvements to reduce emissions in the deployment and use of our leased products. Over the last two years, CSafe has leveraged artificial intelligence tools to improve efficiencies of our fleet deployment and minimize the need to reposition empty containers.  In 2022 we have achieved a 3% decrease of empty container movement vs 2021. This resulted in a CO2 reduction of 671 metric tons.

Product Design and Performance

One of the most significant ways we help our customers save energy is in our product design. By ensuring we are using highly efficient materials in our production, we are able to deliver the highest level of reliable thermal protection in the industry with less energy consumption.

We follow a rigorous Quality process at all of our facilities. Our active solutions manufacturing locations have the following certifications:

  • FAA part 21 & 145 (US)
  • EASA part 145 (EU)
  • Civilian Aviation Association Part 145 (Singapore)

All of our passive solutions manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified. Our Monroe, Ohio, facility is also ISO 13485 certified. We have achieved ISO 14001 at our Redditch, UK, facility and are pursuing ISO 14001 at other locations in our global network of manufacturing and service locations.

All of our shippers are tested to internationally recognized standards certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) including specific modules for thermal performance and distribution testing. CSafe thermal testing labs are also certified by ISTA. This standard will be further deployed in the legacy Softbox Systems thermal testing labs in 2023.

Sustainability Benefits: CSafe Active Solutions
  • CSafe’s micro-glass fiber vacuum insulated panels (VIP) installed in our active solutions provide on average 70% better thermal insulation when compared to cell-based insulated hybrid containers and 60% better thermal insulation when compared with other active air cargo containers (CSafe achieves an R value = 20 vs an R value = 8 for competitive containers). In addition, CSafe active air cargo containers require 18% less charging time, resulting in savings of 250W less power charging consumption per unit used and provide 20% more payload space enabling greater volume efficiencies.
  • Additional environmental advantages of our active containers include:
    • Elimination of need for pallets
    • No need to dispose of non-biodegradable packaging materials
    • All materials replaced in our Preventive Maintenance Rebuild Program are 100% recycled
      • 100% of batteries replaced
      • 100% of coolant used
      • 100% of scrap metal repairs at Service Centers
Sustainability Benefits: CSafe Passive Solutions
  • Our range of SoftboxVIP parcel shippers use state of the art VIP insulation materials, resulting in improved thermal performance with less total materials per unit to achieve optimal thermal performance and payload to shipper footprint ratio.
  • Our product development strategies focus on improved sustainability credentials for our existing and future products. We are currently developing sustainable, non-plastic, curbside recyclable passive solutions to minimize landfill deposits and increase use of sustainably sourced raw materials.
Sustainability Benefits: Reusable Solutions

CSafe is the only temperature-controlled shipping solution provider to offer a complete range of active and passive reusable bulk air cargo and parcel solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, more than 70% of our total revenues are achieved through a reuse model.

  • Our recently introduced Advanced Pallet Shipper, offers a more cost-effective bulk air cargo lease-model solution for lower risk lanes.
  • Our Softbox ULT reusable ultra-low temperature vaccine shipper has achieved a greater than 90% reuse rate and supported the distribution of more than 6 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Our range of Softbox VIP parcel solutions feature a refurbish and reuse program in four temperature ranges (+15°C to +25°C; +2°C to +8°C; -15°C to -25°C; and -80°C) and five payload sizes (5L, 8L, 16L, 35L, 56L).


At CSafe, we recognize no one solution is “better” than the rest when pharmaceutical shippers factor in all of the parameters that need to be considered around thermal performance, cost, speed and sustainability.  The key to optimizing a global pharma cold chain, as well as corporate sustainability goals, is finding the right blend of solutions across the varying needs within the global supply chain to optimize where and when one can.

To help improve the ease at which our customers can quickly and effectively identify the best solutions to meet their performance, cost and sustainability needs, CSafe is developing a proprietary Solution Selection Tool that will enable customers to compare and contrast various features and benefits across our solution continuum, so they can make informed tradeoffs to meet corporate goals.

Patrick Schafer, CEO CSafe Global

Patrick Schafer

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Schafer guides strategy development and execution and is responsible for overall company performance.

Mr. Schafer has held senior-level positions in both the United States and Europe, most recently as CSafe’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Finance for a multi-national film manufacturer and also lived in Dusseldorf, Germany, where he was a Director for Henkel AG & Company, KGaA. He began his career with Coopers and Lybrand.

Mr. Schafer holds a B.S. degree from Miami University and an M.B.A. from Duke University.

Anthony Pishotti

Anthony Pishotti

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Pishotti leads the company’s Finance team, guides strategic planning and the annual budgeting process, partners with the business on Merger and Acquisition opportunities, and actively supports commercial efforts.

Mr. Pishotti brings more than 20 years of deep operating, financial, and commercial leadership across the Warehouse Automation, Material Handling, Aircraft Engines, Rail, and Energy industries. He rose through the finance teams at multiple high performing organizations, serving in CFO positions with Honeywell, GE Aviation, and GE Transportation. 

Mr. Pishotti holds a bachelor’s in both finance and international business from Penn State University.  He currently serves as a member of the City of Montgomery Board of Tax Review.  Mr. Pishotti also served as a member of the Finance Advisory Board for the Penn State University Behrend Black School of Business for nearly three years.

Tom Weir, COO CSafe Global

Tom Weir

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Weir leads CSafe’s engineering, product, service, supply chain, manufacturing and quality teams.

Mr. Weir brings more than 15 years of executive experience leading global engineering and operations teams. He has developed extensive expertise leading teams in Europe, Ukraine, Mexico, and Asia. His industry expertise includes aviation, cold chain logistics, payment systems, and clinical trial technology. Throughout his career, Mr. Weir has successfully led transformational strategic initiatives in operations, new product development, manufacturing, and service. His professional background includes technical leadership roles at Boeing, United Technologies (Sensitech division), and Crane Payment Systems (formally MEI).

Mr. Weir holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Kansas University and an M.B.A. from Rockhurst University. He also completed executive leadership training at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Seth Hertel, CCO CSafe Global

Seth Hertel

Chief Commercial Officer

Seth Hertel guides the sales team in sales automation, process optimization, planning and analysis, and creating programs to drive closer partnerships with our key customers.

Mr. Hertel joined CSafe with deep international management experience, having lived and worked in China, the UK, Singapore, and South Korea. He has more than 22 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in key leadership and management roles at companies including Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (Merck KGaA), Barnstead/Thermolyne (ThermoFisher Scientific), Covance (LabCorp) and Roquette.

Mr. Hertel has a B.A. in political science and Portuguese from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He continued at UW-Madison and received his M.A. in Portuguese. He completed the dual E.M.B.A. program at Columbia University of NY and the London Business School.

Micki Turner

Chief Human Resources Officer

Micki Turner directs the development and execution of human resource strategy in support of CSafe’s growth goals specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, diversity and inclusion, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation.

Ms. Turner brings 20 years of progressive leadership in human resources across the aerospace, financial services and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining CSafe Global, she was an executive HR leader at GE Aviation responsible for seven manufacturing facilities producing commercial and military aircraft engine components. She provided strategic HR leadership to a global organization of 4,500 employees focused on driving talent and culture strategies, building organizational effectiveness, providing leadership development and coaching, and fostering diversity and inclusion. Earlier in her career, Turner held a variety of HR roles at GE Capital and Merck.

Ms. Turner earned her Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Illinois and her master’s in human resources from the University of Minnesota.

Koby Kreinbring

Koby Kreinbring

General Counsel

Koby Kreinbring is responsible for legal governance across the CSafe organization and providing guidance on all legal matters affecting the company.  

Mr. Kreinbring brings more than 20 years’ experience in corporate law with more than a decade in the life science industry. Prior to joining CSafe Global, he was the General Counsel for Merck Digital and the Merck Science and Technology Office for Merck KGaA where he was responsible for global legal matters including commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory/trade compliance, litigation, antitrust, corporate governance and much more. He also provided legal support to Merck’s global innovation hubs in China, Israel, the U.S., and Germany. Earlier in his career, Kreinbring held corporate legal roles with Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, HNI Corporation and Squire Patton Boggs.  

Mr. Kreinbring earned his bachelor’s degree in International Business from Wartburg College, his MBA from St. Ambrose University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law.

Scott Lathrop

Scott Lathrop

SVP Finance & Commercial Operations

Scott Lathrop leads strategic initiatives to enhance revenue growth while optimizing operational efficiency to improve overall profitability. He focuses on aligning financial operations with revenue goals, identifying new market opportunities, and creating strategies that drive top-line growth and strengthen the company’s market position. 

Mr. Lathrop has 15 years of experience and has held several senior-level positions, including his most recent role as Interim CFO for CSafe, where he led a global finance and IT organization. His private equity and strategic financial leadership expertise has been instrumental in navigating complex financial landscapes and leading global teams to success. He began his career at Kroger.

Mr. Lathrop is a CPA with degrees in accounting and international business from the University of Kentucky.

Emma Lupp, VP Marketing

Emma Lupp

Vice President of Global Marketing

Emma Lupp leads CSafe’s global marketing, communications, and brand strategies to further solidify the company as a leader in comprehensive cold chain solutions.

Ms. Lupp joins CSafe with a formidable track record exceeding two decades in global brand development, significantly enhancing customer engagement and driving substantial growth across key markets. Her expertise spans several industries, including cold chain logistics, automotive, finance, and luxury brand management, where she has consistently delivered innovative solutions and impactful brand experiences.

Ms. Lupp holds a Global Executive Master of Business Administration from SDA Bocconi in Italy, which included coursework at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Copenhagen Business School. In addition, she successfully completed the Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking program offered through MIT & Emeritus.

Emilio Frattaruolo

Emilio Frattaruolo

Vice President, Cell & Gene Therapies

Emilio Frattaruolo is responsible for the long-term global strategy of CSafe’s Cell & Gene product portfolio and client services offerings.

Mr. Frattaruolo brings a unique industry perspective formed over a decade spent providing engineering and operational leadership to both pharmaceutical manufacturers and cold chain solutions providers. Having functioned as an external consultant, internal subject matter expert, and leader to organizations such as Sanofi Pasteur, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Biogen, he has a deep understanding of manufacturing, packaging, and the clinical and commercial cold chain distribution process for critical life changing therapies.

Mr. Frattaruolo holds a B.S. Degree in packaging science from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an IoPP Certified Packaging Professional.

Kevin Valentine

Kevin Valentine

Senior Consultant

Kevin Valentine provides consulting services for the entire CSafe passive portfolio of products.

Mr. Valentine has more than 30 years of senior management experience in general and strategic management, operations and product development within the temperature control packaging industry. He started his career at Laminar Medica, now Sonoco Thermosafe before co-founding Cool Logistics, now Peli BioThermal. In 2017, he joined TP3 Global as the Chief Technical Officer responsible for the development of thermal covers and later became CEO of Softbox Systems until the company was acquired by CSafe in 2021.

Mr. Valentine earned his Engineering Diploma from Watford College of Technology and an M.B.A. from the University of Luton.

To provide peace of mind by offering best-in-class temperature management solutions for the delivery of life-enhancing products.