Superior protection for large-volume shipments

The CSafe RAP is the latest innovation in active temperature-controlled containers—delivering best-in-class payload protection for large-volume shipments.

Leveraging the same advanced Temperature Management System (TMS), high-performance design, and robust data management capabilities of the proven CSafe RKN system, the CSafe RAP brings an unparalleled level of precision control and temperature assurance to large-volume shipments. The CSafe RAP utilizes CSafe’s proprietary ThermoCor® Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) technology together with a novel compressor-driven cooling and radiant heating system to precisely maintain user-defined payload temperatures throughout transport, even in extreme ambient conditions. With up to 20% larger RAP payload capacity than competing systems, the CSafe RAP enables increased payload volume per shipment to maximize value.

Backed by a worldwide service and support network, the CSafe RAP delivers on CSafe’s promise of exceptional quality and is available with a variety of flexible leasing options.

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  • Proprietary high-efficiency ThermoCor® Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) for unmatched thermal protection in extreme ambient environments
  • Broad operating range to maintain payload temperature in extreme ambient temperatures (–30°C to +54°C)
  • Extended battery run time of >120 hours for typical shipments
  • Array of 10 temperature sensors throughout cargo compartment for high level of redundancy in temperature and system control
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use control panel leveraging familiar, well-established CSafe RKN system, to minimize user training time and effort
  • Up to 20% more payload volume than any other available RAP when bulk loading
  • Optimized internal airflow recirculation, eliminating the need for pallet loading
  • Large cargo chamber designed to easily manage 4 standard US pallets or 5 standard Euro pallets
  • Container base forkliftable from all sides (not standard with all RAPs)
  • Automated data logging of cargo compartment temperature, ambient temperature, door-opening events, and battery status with free data output
  • Rapid battery charging, from 0% to 100% in 10 hours—anywhere in the world—with included multisystem charging cables
  • Global fleet of containers maintained in peak operating condition

Physical specifications

  • Payload volume: 6.68 m3 (236 ft3)
  • Internal dimensions (L × W × H): 2,477 mm × 2,083 mm × 1,295 mm (97.5 in × 82 in × 51 in)
  • External dimensions (L × W × H): 3,175 mm × 2,235 mm × 1,626 mm (125 in × 88 in × 64 in)
  • Tare weight: 1,213 kg (2,675 lb)
  • Maximum payload weight: 4,819 kg (10,625 lb)
  • Maximum allowable weight: 6,033 kg (13,300 lb)


  • Power sources
    • AC power (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
    • Internal batteries (regulatory-approved, sealed, nonspillable design that meets Dangerous Goods Regulations)
  • Rechargeable anywhere in the world with included multisystem charging cables
  • Rapid battery charging, from 0% to 100% in 10 hours
  • Run time >120 hours for typical shipments


  • Downloadable, free data file available via integrated USB port, allowing for immediate access to shipment data

Temperature set points

  • User selectable between +4°C (39.2°F) and +25°C (77°F)
  • Ambient operating range of −30°C to +54°C


  • Suitable for use on all wide-body aircraft, with regulatory approval for use on both lower and upper decks
  • No payload pallet required
  • Container base accessible by forkliftable from all sides
  • Optimized design to hold 4 standard US-pallets or 5 standard Euro-pallets
  • Wide-opening, twin-door container design for easy access to cargo area
  • Continuous pallet base for optimum roller conveyor transport and aircraft loading

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The CSafe RKN active temperature management solution was designed to protect temperature-sensitive life-science products during air cargo shipments around the world. With more than 130 hours of battery life—precise payload temperature control without excursion is ensured.

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