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Etihad Cargo Approves CSafe RAP Container for Flight

Etihad Cargo Approves CSafe RAP Container for Flight

The high-performing temperature-controlled containers from CSafe Global will be introduced across all Etihad Cargo’s flights to deliver additional payload protection for large pharmaceutical shipments

Dayton, Ohio – Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of the Etihad Aviation Group, has partnered with CSafe Global, the innovation leader in active, passive parcel and cell and gene temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, to introduce its latest high-performing container, the CSafe RAP, across its global fleet of wide-body and freighter aircraft.

The CSafe RAP uses innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies, along with advanced VIP insulation, to maintain constant payload temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures spanning from -30°C to +54°C – the broadest operating range in the industry. Its large payload compartment of 6.68m3 easily accommodates up to four standard U.S. pallets or five standard Euro pallets. With an extended battery run time of more than 120 hours, the CSafe RAP ensures temperature integrity and product viability through to destination even on extended journeys.

Etihad Cargo, which has recently reinforced its pharmaceutical logistics expertise with the launch of PharmaLife, a specialised pharma and healthcare product, was the first carrier in the Middle East to receive IATA’s CEIV (Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators) certification in pharmaceutical logistics. Following a vigorous testing process, the carrier has now approved the use of the CSafe RAP on its aircrafts to offer customers continued assurance of compliance and temperature-control along with the largest payload capacity in the industry.

“As an IATA CEIV Pharma certified carrier, we take the transportation and handling of pharmaceutical shipments very seriously, adhering to the strictest processes with the very best in class equipment that ensures the best quality handling in the quickest time,” said Fabrice Panza, Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions at Etihad Cargo. “The addition of the CSafe RAP further enhances our customer offering by completing our active cool chain portfolio. Through this partnership we are now able to provide the largest and most high-tech solutions of active containers worldwide.

“We are confident as market demands become stronger for vaccines and clinical trials that we are ready to offer quality along with enough capacity to our customers,” Panza added.

“CSafe has the highest quality and best performing products in the industry, as well as the ability to guarantee availability anywhere in the world. We are delighted to be able to offer this new option to Etihad Cargo’s customers,” stated Patrick Schafer, CEO of CSafe Global.

Etihad Cargo has been a long-term partner of CSafe Global and provides customers with a number of closed cool-chain solutions under its PharmaLife product, including the CSafe RAP and CSafe RKN. Sale and leasing options for these containers are available through CSafe Global and Etihad Cargo.

CSafe Global Publishes Results of Second Pilot Test for New Shipment Visibility Capability

CSafe Global Publishes Results of Second Pilot Test for New Shipment Visibility Capability

CSafe Global has published the results of their second pilot shipment which focused on data accuracy between the real-time data delivered and the data recorded and stored in the containers.   

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, continues rigorous testing of the company’s forthcoming end-to-end shipment visibility capability and has today, published the results of a second key pilot shipment focused on data accuracy.

CSafe is the first cold chain packaging provider to successfully implement end-to-end shipment visibility capability and is nearly through their development timeline. The goal for this most recent pilot shipment completed in August was to determine if container readings, payload readings and pre-established alerts transmitted in real-time during the shipment and matched the validated data the container logged.

“It’s not enough to collect and transmit data,” explained Tom Weir, CSafe’s Chief Operating Officer. “We must be certain the information being supplied to our customers and partners reflects the actual real-time conditions of the container and the payload. Offering complete confidence in the real-time data, provides the assurance our customers need that their products are secure or that intervention is required to preserve a payload. This is what the pharmaceutical industry has been requesting and I am pleased to report that this and subsequent tests have been extremely successful. The hardware and software systems are performing as expected and we are moving into the next phase of testing.”

With more than 20 total pilot test shipments complete, CSafe containers, the integrated tracking devices and the shipment visibility platform have all performed flawlessly. The published results for this test, available in a white paper on the CSafe Global website, provide detailed information on the accuracy of the data collected with the tracking device in the new visibility platform against shipment information collected directly by the containers’ measurement systems. Historically, this information was only available post-shipment.

CSafe published another white paper in July that focused on validating the integration of the tracking device installed in the RKN and RAP containers and the measured parameters tracked.

“The entire project team along with our partners on this project could not be more pleased with these results,” said Weir. “Not only does it confirm that we have chosen the right hardware and software, but also that the planning, effort and investment we’ve made has been well worth it. We are now preparing for the next testing phase and expect similar results.”