CSafe Parcel solutions deliver uncompromising thermal protection to transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics around the world. Our parcel portfolio includes packaging to ship and hand carry pharmaceuticals as well as mobile refrigeration/freezing.

CSafe Parcels thermally protect medicines to enhance patient lives

CSafe Parcel Boxes

  • Best-in-class VIP and PUR insulation
  • Multiple durations, temperature ranges and payload sizes
  • Optimised dimensions for pack-out simplicity
  • Tested and qualified to ISTA 7D standards or custom profiles
  • Ideal for single use or multi-use shipments

CSafe Couriers

  • Best-in-class VIP insulation
  • Ideal for final stages of transit
  • 3L, 6L and 12L payload sizes
  • Temperature protection for 2-8°C, 15-25°C and Frozen
  • Lightweight and portable

CSafe Pallet Shipper

  • Durable PUR insulation
  • Economical for bulk shipments
  • 200L to 1500L payload sizes
  • Flat-pack configuration for logistics savings
  • Assembles in minutes

CSafe AX56L Mobile Refrigeration

AX-56L Mobile Refrigeration

  • Portable refrigeration and freezer system
  • Best-in-class VIP insulation
  • 56L payload capacity with internal trays for storage
  • 48-hour temperature assurance on single battery charge
  • Efficient operation in extreme ambient temperatures (-20°C to +49°C)