RAP Unit
The CSafe RAP is the latest innovation in a full line of temperature control solutions, offering unmatched operational capabilities with the industry’s largest RAP payload capacity to ensure successful large-volume shipments of life-enhancing products around the world. The CSafe RAP leverages the same advanced temperature management system (TMS), high-performance design, and robust data management capabilities of the proven CSafe RKN system, bringing an unparalleled level of precision control and temperature assurance to large-volume shipments. The CSafe RAP utilizes CSafe’s proprietary ThermoCor® VIP technology together with a novel compressor-driven cooling and radiant heating system to precisely maintain user-defined payload temperature tolerances throughout transport, regardless of ambient conditions. Backed by 3 decades of research and development, ThermoCor® VIP offers nearly 10 times greater thermal protection than other commonly used insulation materials across the industry.
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