The arrival of the CSafeAPS advanced reusable pallet shipper gives pharma companies and cold chain logistics operators everything to be optimistic about. This is a passive, temperature control shipping solution loaded with technology and innovation. So it not only provides better performance but also greater peace of mind.

CSafeAPS ensures safe transit for temperature-sensitive goods at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures — for more than 120 hours against ISTA 7D most challenging test profiles. Real-time data tracking is on board, too. CSafe’s Shipment Visibility Platform provides online monitoring throughout the entire shipping journey. So you can anticipate and address excursion events before they happen. The proprietary exterior thermal performance indicator also continuously gauges remaining temperature performance capacity throughout the shipment. This takes the guesswork out of actual remaining duration times. The whole visibility package even extends to predictive lane capabilities in the initial qualification process.

The design of CSafeAPS is as forward-looking as its technology.


Aside from being light, easy to move and accessible from every side, it saves space and optimizes aircraft loading. Delivered preconditioned, it also comes ready to just ‘load and go’. What’s more, the interchangeable coolant components offer sustainability advantages, requiring less total energy for each reconditioning cycle.

The CSafeAPS bulk air cargo pallet shipper works harder to make distribution easier. And while your shipments go around the world, we’re with you around the clock with first-class customer service (we’ll even help with reports) for extra peace of mind.

Performance Features

  • Reusable shipper, equipped with best-in-class VIP insulation
  • External thermal capacity indicator for continuous, real-world duration data
  • Real-time data tracking with CSafe’s Shipment Visibility Platform for online monitoring of cargo and ambient temperature, humidity and pressure, shock, tilt and access breaches throughout the entire shipping journey
  • 120+ hours of thermal protection for +2 to 8°C,+15 to 25°C and -20°C
  • Advanced PCM coolants enable safe storage and hibernation
  • Qualified to ISTA 7D test profiles
  • No dry ice required for frozen shipments

System Advantages

  • Extended product protection by combining advanced PCM with VIP encapsulated in PUR
  • US and Europe, single and double pallet footprints
  • Forkliftable from all four sides for easy handling
  • Arrives preconditioned for Load and Go functionality
  • Double-pallet unit holds 4 pallets of product on standard wide-body cookie sheet

CSafeAPS Single

  • Payload volume: 1800L / 63.57 cubic feet
  • Temperature range:
    • +2°C to +8°C
    • +15°C to +25°C
    • -20°C
  • Duration: 120+ hours
  • Internal dimensions: 1189 x 1244 x 1234 mm / 46.8 x 49 x 48.6 in
  • External dimensions: 1451 x 1493 x 1575 mm / 57.1 x 58.8 x 62 in
  • Tare weight: 458 kg / 1010 lb

CSafeAPS Double

  • Payload volume: 3260L / 115.12 cubic feet
  • Temperature range:
    • +2°C to +8°C
    • +15°C to +25°C
    • -20°C
  • Duration: 120+ hours
  • Internal dimensions: 2118 x 1244 x 1234 mm / 83.4 x 49 x 48.6 in
  • External dimensions: 2381 x 1493 x 1575 mm / 93.7 x 58.8 x 62 in
  • Tare weight: 655 kg / 1445 lbs