CGT Ultra

The CGT Ultra provides industry-leading temperature protection with VIP and extended hold times. In addition, these solutions have been designed to hibernate in the case of unexpected delays. With simplified product handling and integrated features to help avoid error during the packout process your chain of custody checks are easier.

CGT Ultra Features

  • Superior VIP insulation
  • Extended hold times for 120+ hr shipment durations
  • Two temperature ranges:
    • -60°C
    • -70°C
  • Four payload sizes: 5L, 8L, 16L, 35L
  • Integrated tracking devices with access to customer visibility platform
  • Lightweight with built-in handles

CGT Ultra Advantages

  • Simplified product handling with pack out features designed to make Chain of Custody checks easier
  • End-to-end visibility to the supply chain with integrated telemetry
  • Shipping delay protection with extended shipment hold times and hibernation capabilities
  • Designed for sustainability with robust, reusable solutions