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CSafe has an extensive fleet of RKN and RAP active air cargo solutions that meet or exceed the strictest temperature-control requirements.


Passive and Small Active

CSafe offers a comprehensive parcel portfolio including boxes, couriers and mobile refrigeration units all with best-in-class insulation.

Cell &

Cell & Gene Solutions

CSafe provides thermal solutions with shipping delay protection, integrated telemetry and dedicated consulting for cell & gene clients.

COVID Vaccine Solutions

CSafe Active Air Cargo Solutions

Active Air Cargo

CSafe has invested heavily and has the largest, newest and best performing air cargo container fleet in the world. We have thousands of active RKN and RAP air cargo units and continue to manufacture more each day.

We have also made substantial investments in an artificial intelligence-assisted logistics management tool for lease forecasting as well as shipment visibility technology that will launch in Q4 2020 and provide real-time shipment data and alerts to allow for intervention if needed.

Deep frozen shipping solutions

Deep Frozen Transport

CSafe thermal shipping solutions can protect pharmaceuticals of any sort at -80ºC for 10+ days during transport. We achieve this extended duration using our -80ºC single-wall VIP Parcel boxes inside a CSafe Air Cargo active container.

Our team has tested this configuration to validate the duration with outstanding results. We also have shippers for other temperature ranges: -40ºC, -20ºC, +2ºC to +8ºC (refrigerated), and +15ºC to +25ºC (controlled room temperature).

CSafe VIP Parcel boxes

Deep Frozen Storage

Because the vaccine distribution will likely be managed by government health agencies at the local level, we cannot just drop off a pallet of boxes and hope for the best. Maintaining the proper temperature for any vaccine is critical to ensuring effectiveness.

For storage in locations without deep freezer units on site, CSafe offers double-wall VIP parcel boxes qualified to maintain -70ºC for 240+ hours. If a vaccine must be stored longer prior to use, medical staff can simply add more dry ice.


Serving the Pharmaceutical Industry for 40+ Years

CSafe Global was founded to save lives. The founders – a father and son missionary team serving the most vulnerable in underdeveloped countries – witnessed the suffering resulting from spoiled vaccines, medicines and life-saving biologics due to poor temperature management during transit. Upon returning home, they were determined to find a solution.

Today, CSafe offers a full suite of cold chain shipping solutions and is the only provider of active air cargo solutions as well as passive parcel and cell and gene solutions. In addition to key acquisitions, CSafe has expanded operations to more than 40 service centers and countless hubs worldwide to ensure product availability and continue to fulfill our founders’ mission to provide patients around the world with access to viable, life-enhancing pharmaceuticals.

With an air cargo container fleet large enough to ensure a 100% delivery guarantee, an unlimited supply of reusable parcel and cell & gene packaging, and 24/7 customer and technical service, CSafe is well-positioned to be your partner of choice for cold chain.

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