Thermally protecting payloads and so much more

Protecting vital life science products from temperature excursions during transport can mean the difference between healthy and sick—between life and death. And no company knows this better—or does it better—than CSafe. All over the globe, CSafe helps ensure that life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cell and gene therapies, and other critical temperature-sensitive products reach the numerous people who are counting on them the most.

With an industry-leading portfolio of innovative, best-in-class temperature-management packaging solutions, it’s our mission to bring peace of mind to your cold chain—protecting what matters most to you so patients can receive what matters most to them.

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Keeping temperatures precisely where they need to be

CSafe is the global partner that customers around the world trust to help safeguard the integrity of temperature-sensitive, life-enhancing products. With the industry’s only comprehensive portfolio of both active and passive cold chain packaging solutions, CSafe reliably meets and exceeds the strict temperature-control requirements of the world’s most advanced life-science products, helping healthcare professionals enhance more lives and keep more patients healthy.

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Committed to your cold chain confidence

Your temperature-sensitive payload—and the peace of mind you feel knowing that it’s safe from unexpected excursions—is CSafe’s top priority. That’s why our full line of temperature-control packaging solutions is backed by unparalleled customer service, rapid-response technical support, rigorous system testing and validation, and an industry-leading preventive maintenance program. That means that no matter where you ship, CSafe is committed to doing more to preserve not only the integrity of your payload, but also your peace of mind—every single time.

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CSafe Global Completes Successful Commercial Pilot of Real-Time Track and Trace Technology

CSafe Global has completed the first commercial test of their new location and temperature tracking technology with exemplary results.

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Study confirms PMR program instrumental in container performance over time

Maintenance of mechanical systems is critical for consistent operational performance. This is understood across all industries...

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