Cell & Gene

CSafe Cell & Gene solutions mitigate the risk of real-world distribution with features designed to improve product handling and unforeseen service disruptions. With your commercialization process in mind, we are focused on delivering solutions to meet the rigorous cell & gene supply chain requirements.

CGT Ultra

  • Superior VIP insulation
  • Shipping delay protection and hibernation capability
  • Integrated tracking devices
  • Dedicated solutions for refrigerated and frozen payloads


CGT Cryo

  • Outstanding cryogenic thermal performance (-196°C)
  • Maintains temperature the longest of any CGT shipper, even when tilted
  • SmartCap10 provides cloud-based integrated traceability
  • CSafe’s industry-leading quality control and customer support



CGT Ultra

  • Temperatures from +2°C to -20°C
  • Supports cryo boxes and cell bags
  • PCM refrigerants
  • Fits under passenger seat on commercial aircraft