EQUiP Operational Training

As your dedicated partner in cold chain management, CSafe operational training now offers an improved EQUiP® (Enhanced Qualified User Program) digital experience that shares critical training modules, operational video demonstrations, and industry expertise with key operatives who encounter our temperature-sensitive packaging solutions as part of their professional responsibilities.

CSafe Global holds our quality and industry regulatory standards to very high levels, which means we also depend on our logistics partners to support these standards. We take on-the-job training very seriously and believe the updates we have made to our EQUiP training and certification program will only help facilitate industry-wide compliance. EQUiP operational training not only promotes Good Distribution Practices (GDP) but also ensures service provider competence for safe, successful shipments every time, especially when in-person demonstration and training may not be possible.

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Online training

EQUiP® company-certification and training is available, free of charge, for any cold chain employee that may meet a CSafe packaging solution in the line of duty. Each company must have a CSafe master lease agreement and assign at least one EQUiP Champion, within the organization or regional office, that will manage and uphold the training of their direct reports.

General policy notes:

  • EQUiP Certification is valid for 2 years.
  • To pass a training module, an 80% score must be achieved on the post-course assessment.
  • For company-wide certification, every enrolled employee must pass their assignments.
  • CSafe may update content, as necessary. If any of these updates affect course content, you may be asked to refresh that specific course.
  • CSafe will regularly add new content to the portal to accompany new product launches. EQUiP Champions will be notified when new content is available and be given the opportunity to assign the new training to their teams, if necessary.
  • CSafe will use the digital platform to occasionally host live, industry-relevant discussions and announcements.

The EQUiP training modules are listed below with respective user responsibility. CSafe only requires cold chain professionals to complete the modules relevant to their business and everyday activities. We will periodically release new training content and understand that our products may directly impact certain individuals in your organization. As new training is released, we will do our best to target it according to job responsibility, announce it on our website and notify EQUiP Champions.

1EQUiP Introduction & Product OverviewCompulsory – all users
2CSafe Connect Overview & Leasing InstructionsAll CSafe Connect users
3aCSafe RKN HandlingResponsible for transporting CSafe RKN
3bCSafe RAP HandlingResponsible for transporting CSafe RAP
4aCSafe RKN PackoutResponsible for loading the CSafe RKN
4bCSafe RAP PackoutResponsible for loading the CSafe RAP
5aRKN Shipment Activation & TerminationResponsible for starting & ending shipments
5bRAP Shipment Activation & TerminationResponsible for starting & ending shipments
6CSafe APS OverviewResponsible for transporting/loading the CSafe APS
7Shipment Visibility

An EQUiP Champion is any person responsible for administering training to a team of employees. This could be a corporate level executive, if necessary, or someone at a regional station level. The EQUiP Champion is responsible for ensuring any user(s) enrolled in the program complete all required modules and self-assessments that assist with their daily activities. The Champion is also responsible for notifying CSafe when authorized users change responsibilities or leave the company to have their access updated.

To enroll yourself as an EQUiP Champion or register your team of users, simply complete the CSafe operational training registration form. If you have more than 10 participants, you’ll need to submit the form a second time with the additional participants.

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