Mobile Active

The CSafe AX56L active mobile refrigeration and freezer system is a versatile, military-grade container with a rugged, ergonomic hard shell designed for transporting and storing temperature-sensitive, life-saving plasma, vaccines and medical supplies in the most extreme conditions and environments.

More than 5,000 of these unique portable systems are in service around the world, meeting critical cold chain needs for emergency management, disaster relief, humanitarian aid operations and combat zones.

AX56L Features & Advantages

    • VIP insulation
    • HemaLog™ data logging program to monitor payload temperature, ambient temperature, battery status and voltage
    • Broad ambient operating range from -20°C to +49°C (-4°F to +120°F)
    • No ice or coolants required
    • Forced air convection for optimal circulation of temperature conditioned air
    • Two user-selectable temperature setpoints:
      • COOL mode: +4°C (+39.2°F)
      • FREEZE mode: -22°C (-7.6°F)
    • Safety alarm to indicate deviation from temperature setpoints
    • 48-hour payload temperature duration (on internal batteries), +6 hours passive holdover in case battery runs out (indefinite life on AC power)
    • Globally compatible power options:
      • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12-24 VDC (car/truck), and internal 42 amp Ahr battery
    • CE, TGA and MIL-STD 810G compliant
Product ID

HMC-MIL-1A (or Hemacool)

Empty weight145 lbs
65.9 kg
Power consumption55 watts at 49°C
35 watts at 43°C
12 watts at 25°C
Internal battery run time14 hours at 43°C
48 hours at 25°C
External dimensions39.2 x 23.2 x 22.8 in3
996 x 589 x 579 mm3
Payload capacity (internal tray)40 x 450ml/60 x 250ml*
*accommodates various blood pack sizes
Payload dimensions18 x 14 x 13 in3
457 x 356 x 300mm3
Payload volume56.6L (2ft3)
Temperature range-20°C to +49°C (operating)
-30°C to +65°C (storage)