Preventive Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) Program

As with any mechanical system (motor vehicles, airplanes, air conditioners, etc.), recurring maintenance is critical for optimal and consistent operational performance necessary to extend the service life of the system. CSafe’s engineering team incorporated this same philosophy into practice when they established a robust preventive maintenance program to accompany the release of the very first CSafe RKN in 2007.

This Preventive Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) consists of three core program elements:

  1. Pre-and Post-shipment Inspection
  2. Annual Validation Testing and Scheduled Maintenance
  3. Preventive Maintenance Rebuild

CSafe also established a best-in-class technical service team, available around-the-clock, to verify container performance and monitor service activities, for an added level of quality assurance.

RKN Inspection
CSafe container inspection

Before and after every lease, a highly trained technician at one of CSafe’s network of service centers completes an in-depth system check on each CSafe active container. This detailed system check includes visual inspection and cleaning as necessary, functional testing, and refrigeration system testing – all to ensure overall container quality. Additionally, the technical service team reviews and analyzes the temperature data logs from each container to look for any potential anomalies prior to container release.

CSafe maintenance areas

Every year, CSafe completes system validation testing on every active container in our fleet. This includes battery testing, performance testing against the validated standard, temperature verification testing, and completion of scheduled maintenance checks. All containers must pass these stringent maintenance and validation tests before being released back into service.

CSafe RAP on forklift

Every three years after the manufacture date, CSafe completely disassembles active containers to complete a visual inspection, test all major system component functionality functional testing of major system components, and replace batteries and any worn system components. Once the container is rebuilt, our service center technicians verify each system, conduct temperature validation testing, and complete a thorough final inspection prior to returning a container back into service.

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Preventive Maintenance Rebuild program keeps CSafe’s fleet operating like new