Single Use Softbox Parcels

Water-based single-use parcel shippers

Softbox PRO is an established range of single-use, water-based gel, temperature-controlled parcel shippers with thermal barriers that prevent the risk of cold shock to temperature-sensitive products.

All Softbox PRO solutions enable quick and easy packing and all sizes and temperature ranges are pre-qualified. Solutions are available in chilled and ambient temperature ranges and various payload sizes.

Softbox PRO has been an industry-leading single-use product for more than 10 years and offers cost-effectiveness and simplicity in use.

Performance Features

  • 48 hr, 96hr, 120 hour shipment durations
  • Temperature ranges:
    • +2°C to +8°C
    • +15°C to +25°C
  • Four payload sizes: 7L, 13L, 28L, 60L

System Advantages

  • Single-use water-based parcel shippers
  • Cost-effective parcel solutions, especially for express networks
  • Industry-leading Pharmacool™ refrigerants
  • Easy to condition
  • Simple design configuration enables quick and easy assembly
  • Globally available via an extensive supply network

*Custom EPS dry ice solutions available upon request.

Product NamePayload (L)Temp Range*Duration (hours)Payload Dimensions (mm)External Dimensions (mm)Tare Weight (kg)
Softbox PRO 7L7+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C48260 x 134 x 208453 x 413 x 415 8.6
Softbox PRO+ 7L7+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C120260 x 134 x 208598 x 458 x 45420.7
Softbox PRO 13L13+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C48280 x 182 x 260483 x 456 x 48712.2
Softbox PRO+ 13L13+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C120280 x 182 x 260643 x 528 x 52025.2
Softbox PRO 28L28+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C48385 x 285 x 250578 x 563 x 47716.9
Softbox PRO+ 28L28+2 to +8°C, +15 to +25°C120385 x 285 x 250748 x 648 x 52335.1
Softbox PRO 6060+2 to +8°C120450 x 300 x 450782 x 632 x 87545
Softbox PRO 6060+15°C to +25°C96450 x 300 x 450782 x 632 x 87545