Silverpod® MAX RE

We’ve taken our globally recognized Silverpod® MAX passive pallet shipper and enhanced it for reuse to bring you CSafe’s Silverpod MAX RE—a highly durable PCM pallet shipper made entirely of reusable components.

An alternative to our single-use pallet shippers, this new product is a sustainable solution with the reliability and exceptional quality that CSafe is known for. It includes a built-in TracSafe RLT data logger that integrates with CSafe Connect for real-time shipment visibility throughout the entire journey.

We have also made key enhancements, like adding durable exterior panels and extended edge and corner cap protection, to create a premium reusable model to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Further, our rental structure allows you to eliminate disposal costs, bringing added value to your business and your customers—with minimal impact on the environment.

Silverpod MAX RE

Key Features

  • Reusable components and recyclable PharmacoolTM MAX PCM coolants
  • Turnkey refurbishment services included
  • 120+ hours of qualified thermal protection
  • Easy conditioning process with PCM coolants
  • Integrated TracSafe RLT data logger provides real-time access to tracking and conditional data via CSafe Connect
  • Quicker, more efficient assembly with our universal packing process
  • Supplied flat-packed for cost-effective delivery and storage
  • Available worldwide

Sustainability Benefits

  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Decreases energy consumption
  • Minimizes waste
  • Strengthens your operational efficiency
ProductPayload Vol. (L / cu ft)Temp RangeDuration (hours)Payload Dimensions (mm)External Dimensions (mm)Tare Weight (w/o PCM)Tare Weight (w/PCM)
Silverpod MAX RE Single1442 / 50.9 +2 to +8°C120+1244 x 1054 x 11001575 x 1386 x 1570115 kg268 kg
Silverpod MAX RE Quarter1182 / 41.7+2 to +8°C120+1220 x 850 x 11401575 x 1208 x 1580105 kg266 kg