Softbox® MAX

PCM single-use high-performance parcel shippers

Historically, single-use parcel shippers have utilized water-based refrigerants to help regulate temperature during transit. Softbox MAX parcel shippers go one step further using innovative recyclable Phase Change Material (PCM) refrigerants and Technical Insulated Foam (TIF) insulation panels to achieve cost-effective temperature control in extreme conditions.

Performance Features

  • 48 hr, 96 hr hour shipment durations
  • Temperature ranges:
    • +2°C to +8°C
    • +15°C to +25°C
  • Three payload sizes: 4L, 11L, 22L

System Advantages

  • Single-use PCM parcel shipper
  • Qualified to ISTA 7D test profiles
  • Utilizes next generation recyclable Pharmacool® MAX PCM refrigerants
  • Simple configuration enables quick and easy packing
  • Easy to condition
  • Globally available in three commonly used sizes
  • High payload-to-weight ratio minimizes shipping cost

NOTE: Not available for sale in North America.

Product NamePayload (L)Temp RangeDuration (hours)Payload Dimensions (mm)External Dimensions (mm)Tare Weight (kg)
Softbox MAX 4L4+2 to +8°C +15 to +25°C48-96160 x 160 x 160370 x 370 x 3907
Softbox MAX 11L11+2 to +8°C +15 to +25°C48-96222 x 222 x 222425 x 425 x 45010
Softbox MAX 22L22+2 to +8°C +15 to +25°C48-96280 x 280 x 280480 x 480 x 50013