CSafe Receives EASA Approval for New RAP ULD Container

Airport service center

CSafe Global’s new temperature-controlled RAP container, the latest product addition to their full line of active and passive cold chain packaging solutions, has received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

CSafe Global has recently received approval for their new CSafe RAP active container from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). With this new approval, along with the FAA approval granted in November 2017, CSafe Global now provides greater opportunities for pharmaceutical and life-science companies to ship their temperature-sensitive products globally.

Brian Kohr, President and CEO of CSafe Global, remarks, “The EASA approval of our new active RAP system is very important in our mission to provide cold chain solutions that ensure successful delivery of life-enhancing products around the world.  With this approval, we mark another important milestone in the launch of the CSafe RAP, providing life-science shippers with a new temperature-controlled container solution, for larger cargo payloads, that is based on our proven system designs and technologies that have been used in successful shipments with the CSafe RKN active container over the past 10 years.”

With increasing demands for pharmaceutical and life-science companies to ship in larger quantities, the CSafe RAP was specifically developed to address this growing need. The CSafe RAP was designed with performance in mind, utilizing innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies together with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation to eliminate the risks to payloads associated with extreme ambient temperature conditions and long-duration shipments. The new CSafe RAP active container system leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the well-established CSafe RKN to remove the operational and environmental challenges encountered with global temperature controlled shipments.

The CSafe RAP has unmatched operational capabilities, maintaining constant payload temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures from -30°C to +54°C. It is not only built around state-of-the art technologies, but it also offers the largest RAP capacity in the industry with a max payload volume of 6.68m3, thereby easily accommodating up to four standard US-pallets or five standard Euro-pallets. Just as with the CSafe RKN, the CSafe RAP also has an extended battery life well over 100 hours, which outperforms competitive active systems.

Additional announcements about the CSafe RAP, including airline approvals and updates to the global service network, will be forthcoming. Please contact CSafe Global at or a local CSafe sales representative for copies of the CSafe RAP operational qualification report.