CSafe Global and AirBridgeCargo Airlines Announce CSafe RAP Flight Approval

RAP loaded into airplane

CSafe Global, a leading provider of active and passive temperature-controlled solutions, is pleased to announce that AirBridgeCargo Airlines, one of the industry’s leaders in the transportation of pharmaceutical products by air, has approved the recently launched CSafe RAP for in-flight use on its Boeing 747 freighter fleet.

The CSafe RAP is the latest innovation in a full line of temperature control solutions, offering unmatched operational capabilities with the industry’s largest RAP payload capacity to ensure successful large-volume shipments of temperature-sensitive materials around the world.

“AirBridgeCargo have long been experts when it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive healthcare products globally,” said Mark Mohr, Sr. Director Partner Management for CSafe Global. “ABC’s CEIV accreditation further demonstrates their commitment to providing our mutual life-science customers with precision cold-chain services that have been validated to exceptionally high standards.”

“The CSafe RAP will be an excellent addition to the line of temperature-managed containers we use for transport of life-science products through ABC’s pharma program. With growing volumes of pharmaceutical products shipped internationally, temperature-controlled containers for larger cargo payloads are just what we need. This gives us the ability to continue to deliver best-in-class services to our customers worldwide by meeting their expectations in terms of volume, cargo integrity and safety, and seamless transportation. Partnering with CSafe Global, a company that shares the same customer-centric values and business attitudes as we do, provides ABC with confidence in the preservation and integrity of our shipments, every single time,” highlighted Fedor Novikov, Global Director, Pharma for AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Developed and designed with performance in mind, the new CSafe RAP utilizes innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies together with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation to eliminate the risks to payloads associated with extreme ambient temperature conditions and long-duration shipments. The CSafe RAP active container system leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the well-established CSafe RKN to remove the operational and environmental challenges encountered with global temperature-controlled shipments. The CSafe RAP delivers on a quality promise, ensuring the temperature integrity and safe delivery of temperature-sensitive, life-enhancing products for life-science companies worldwide.