CSafe’s expansion continues with opening of new service center in Memphis to meet increasing demand for CSafe active containers

RKN service center

CSafe Global announces the opening of a new service center in Memphis to enhance support and service levels for the growing demand for CSafe containers from life-science customers and partners transporting temperature-sensitive healthcare products from the Mid-South region of the US.

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in active temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the opening of a new technical service center at the Memphis International Airport (MEM).

The new MEM station is now operational, servicing inbound and outbound traffic of the company’s innovative CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP active container systems. Multiple technical professionals have already been deployed to the new service facility to meet the increasing demand for CSafe containers across the region, and to provide best-in-class maintenance, calibration services, and technical support for the large fleet of active systems.

“Continuing CSafe’s passion and commitment to best serve our customers, the new MEM service center is among an expanding roster of worldwide facilities dedicated to providing high quality technical support and effortless customer interaction to meet the ever-increasing demand for our active containers.” states Tom Weir, VP of Global Operations for CSafe Global. “We are certainly proud of the new site and our ability – to keep temperatures precisely where they need to be – for shipments of life-saving pharmaceutical products.”

To verify CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP systems are of highest quality and in peak condition, all containers entering CSafe service centers are put through an industry-unique Preventative Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) program to certify optimal operational performance. This goes a long way in providing customer peace of mind, while delivering on CSafe’s promise to protect what matters most to pharmaceutical companies, so patients can receive what matters most to them.

To upgrade to a higher level of performance and thermal protection when shipping life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, please contact customer service for more information at